Patio Doors for Classic & Modern Home Designs

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Most modern and classic home designs incorporate a patio. If a patio isn’t included in the home’s original design, homeowners often are inspired to add one. We all know that a home can be made so much more aesthetically pleasing and appealing with the addition of a beautiful patio where guests can be entertained or where one can spend some quiet time alone. Part of that appeal will come from the design of the patio door you pick out. However, with so many different patio door designs on the market, how do you know which will look best?

Before you begin scouting for patio doors, take some time to think of the functions and advantages that are important to you. This will guide you in choosing a patio door design that best incorporates those needs.

Functions & Advantages of Patio Doors

Whether you have an existing patio, intend on building one or simply want to replace your old patio door with something more stylish and updated, you’ll need to consider your door’s location and features very carefully. For instance, does your patio lead to a beautiful garden? If so, what sort of door will complement the natural beauty of the outdoors? Or is it important that the sun be able to stream through your doors and bring more sunshine into your home?

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If you have beautiful views, then it would make sense to find a door that shows those views off to advantage, even from the indoors. Doors that allow you to maximize sunlight will also benefit you in terms of reducing the amount of energy spent on lighting.

Having established what you want in a patio door, it’s time to look at the different designs and styles available and decide what will suit your home’s design the best.

Patio Doors for Classic Home Designs

If your home has a traditional or classic design, find patio doors with a similar style. Think in terms of beautiful wood French doors with Colonial-style grilles. If you’re hesitant about choosing wood because of its high cost and maintenance needs, consider Fibrex®, a composite material which offers the strength and insulating value of wood with the low maintenance features of vinyl. Fibrex requires no painting and will not crack, pit, corrode or rot; it also mimics the look of wood amazingly well, so it’s hard to tell the difference.

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Patio Doors for Modern Home Designs

Large sliding glass doors look terrific in modern homes. These types of doors give you an unrestricted view of the surroundings. The large glass panels are great for letting as much sunlight into your home as possible. Fibrex frames are also available for this door style. Whether you need gliding or hinged doors, you can’t go wrong with Fibrex; it adds good value to your home, even if selling the house isn’t an immediate concern.

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Is the Design Secure?

When choosing a design, don’t forget to consider security. Choose a door that has adequate security features, including sturdy locks, multiple locking points and reinforced glass. A patio door may have a great design, but if its security features can be defeated easily, you’re simply increasing your risks instead of reducing them.


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