Best Door Materials for Every Budget

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Choosing a door entails taking into consideration a number of factors, one of which is what the door will be made of. After all, your material choice will determine not just how a door will look but also how it will perform, as well as how much it will cost, an important consideration for homeowners. If you’re worried about getting a new door because of budget constraints, don’t fret! There are literally options available for every budget so there should be one that you can most definitely work with.

For those with expensive taste

You probably don’t have to be concerned about working with a budget but it’s always good to know that paying top price means getting top-notch quality. For that, nothing beats a solid wood door. Being the heaviest door around allows a solid wood door to offer a high level of durability and security. Wooden doors can be treated to protect it from the elements and wood-loving pests before installation but they will still require upkeep to maintain their beauty. A well-loved solid wood door will last a long time though, making the cost and effort it requires worth it.

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For those on middle ground

For those seeking a balance between cost and quality, the following materials are superb choices:

  • Fiberglass Relatively new to the scene, fiberglass doors came about as alternatives to wooden ones. They are durable, withstanding extreme temperatures and brutal weather as well as resisting scratches and dents. Fiberglass doors are also fitted with polyurethane foam, improving how they help insulate a home and boosting energy efficiency. However, all of these can only be had if you get a fiberglass door from a reputable manufacturer. If quality is not assured, fiberglass doors can crack, most especially when the weather is cold.
  • Composite Wood – One of composite wood’s best features is that it can simulate the look and feel of wood without many of the material’s shortcomings. Composite wood is also very easy to maintain, with care requirements comparable to vinyl. It is durable and energy-efficient as well, allowing you to make the most out of function while greatly enjoying its form.

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For those who put a premium on value

Having to work with a tight budget is difficult but it shouldn’t mean that you should accept a compromise on quality, especially when the following door materials are available:

  • Steel – It’s not the first thing that comes to your mind when you think door materials but you won’t regret considering it given how durable and affordable it is, most especially when you value security in your home. A number of steel options will be available but pay attention to the number of gauges the material is rated, as higher number means a thinner material. Typically, 22-gauge steel is used in residential properties, going thicker for commercial establishments.
  • Vinyl – A lot of people like vinyl doors because they can be made to look like those made from other materials at just a fraction of the cost. They are also energy-efficient and durable, resisting corrosion while requiring little maintenance.

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There are different door materials out there, each one offering their own sets of benefits to address varying homeowner needs. Talk to your local contractor today to help you figure out the best one for you.


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