Keeping Patio Doors in Shape


Patio doors generally see a lot of traffic so it is inevitable that they will develop problems over time. Fortunately, some of the issues that come up can be handled without professional attention first, most especially if you’ve been regularly caring for your patio door. Below I’ve outlined a few common problems with patio doors that you might encounter and how you can solve them:

  • Door sticking or not sliding properly. If your patio door sticking or not sliding smoothly, you might be looking at dirt or debris accumulation at the bottom or on the tracks. Simply cleaning away dirt or debris with a stiff brush should address the problem. You can also oil hinges or lubricate rollers on tracks to ease door operation. If cleaning and lubricating doesn’t solve the problem, it’s possible that your patio door’s hinges or tracks have been worn out, warranting a replacement. You can also check if tightening hinges will make a difference first before replacing them completely. For sliding patio doors, you can try adjusting rollers as well, if an adjusting screw is in place, to see if this will let the door slide easier.

Keeping Patio Doors in Shape1

  • Water leaks. Sometimes, the rain can be too much for patio doors so they leak. The best way to keep a patio door from leaking is to protect it from the source, setting up a barrier like a screen door or awning. Even a well-placed shrub or tree can go a long way towards preventing rain from beating down on your patio door. Do check caulking and weatherstripping as well to ensure all gaps are sealed, replacing if needed. Aside from pesky flooding, water leaks can also cause door expansion so they are best addressed as soon as possible.

Keeping Patio Doors in Shape2

  • Broken, damaged, or warped glass. Broken, damaged, or warped glass in your patio door present a particular set of problems. In addition to the issue with the glass, you could also be looking at broken door seals, pest access, and possible injury. Whatever glass problem you might have, it shows that your patio door is no longer providing you protection it’s supposed to. Best to leave this problem to the professionals to fix though, given the possible degree of difficulty and potential safety risk you’ll be putting yourself through. Not to mention that working with a professional will have the problem solved quickly. If you’ve got severe damage though, maybe it’s time to consider getting a replacement for your patio door.

Keeping Patio Doors in Shape3

Patio doors might not be primary doors but they are a part of your home just as any so they also require attention. Don’t let common problems worsen by attending to them at the soonest time possible. These common patio door problems are generally simple enough to be done on your own but don’t hesitate to call on a professional to help you out. The sooner these problems are addressed, after all, the sooner you can enjoy using your patio door.


Author Bio:

Jason Rohde has held many positions, from sweeping floors to installer and tech measure, and now holds the position of General Manager. His extensive years in the industry have made him a true expert in his field. Jason’s goal, both personal and business, is to please every customer with a solution that makes them happy about investing in such a large-change remodel as windows. His happiest days are knowing that the customer and their family are warm, saving money and happy with the experience. Whether it be a large project or one small window, the expectations are the same. When Jason is not working, you can find him spending time with his family, walking his dog, Brandy, or watching the Brewers, Packers or Badgers. Check out more blogs by Renewal by Andersen of Milwaukee.


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