The Right Door: What Replacement Door Should You Get?

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Looking to upgrade the exterior of your home? You can invest in various home improvement projects, such as landscape designing, applying new exterior paint and repaving the driveway, but one of the most reliable projects you can do to make a big impression is installing a new exterior door.

Door replacement or installation is a cost-effective option because it doesn’t just give the home additional curb appeal but also offers several other advantages, such as a more comfortable interior, increased energy savings, and improved property value. Innovative materials and professional installation give newer doors enhanced durability and better insulative properties, creating an entryway for your home that is not only attractive but functional as well.

Before choosing a new exterior door to install, you first need to understand the level of curb appeal, weather protection and energy efficiency you’re looking to achieve. Identifying what you actually need is the first stage in your selection process. Do your homework and check out various types of replacement doors on the market, analyzing their strength, features, and cost. If you’re overwhelmed by the choices, you can always ask a trusted door contractor in your area about the options available to you and which one will be best for your home.

To get you started, here are a few things you should know about your different options:

Hinged French Patio Door

One of the things you should consider before deciding which type of door to install is your home’s architectural design. Hinged French patio doors tend to go well with traditional homes, such as Victorian, Colonial and Cape Cod styles, especially when they can be fitted with grilles to match what’s on the windows.

Another factor to consider is your trim material and furniture style. Hinged French patio doors are often associated with wood finishes, so if your home has plenty of wooden elements, then that’s one more reason to choose this door type. Since they are hinged on the side, this patio door style requires space to swing in and out. You are also unlikely to run out of design choices, as these doors come in various finishes to suit your aesthetic needs.

Contemporary Sliding Door

If your home exudes a modern look and feel, then choosing a contemporary sliding door might be the best option for you. Most contemporary sliding doors available today, such as those offered by Renewal by Andersen® and Asher Lasting Exteriors, are not just gorgeous but are also easy to use, with gliding panels on adjustable and self-lubricating track rollers for smooth and effortless operation.

Looking to make your spaces airier and brighter? These doors also come with frames that are slimmer than standard frames but are stronger at the same time, helping you enjoy more expansive glass areas for better daylighting. Additionally, these sliding doors can be paired with low-emissivity (low-E) glass that filter harmful UV rays and solar heat, all without compromising indoor brightness.

Sliding French Door

What if you want the benefits of both a traditional and a modern door? Consider a sliding French door. This specific door type offers the best of both worlds, combining the aesthetics of hinged French doors and the space-saving advantages of contemporary sliding doors. A sliding French door is an ideal option for traditional architectural styles that require additional natural lighting or have spaces that simply cannot fit hinged doors.

Entry Doors

The material of your entry door matters, especially when it comes to performance. Its durability, appearance, maintenance requirements—all of these are directly affected by your door material. Popular materials include:

  • The rich, charming beauty of authentic wood entry doors offer a timeless appearance, complete with intricate grain textures and color markings. Beautiful and natural-looking, wooden doors usually come with higher price tags.
  • If you want to have a door that looks like it’s made from authentic wood but don’t want to splurge too much, then fiberglass is a good option. Fiberglass doors are also energy-efficient, easy to maintain and are available in various designs.
  • The main selling point of steel entry doors is their high level of security and durability. They are extremely strong, protecting you from forced entry, as well from warps, cracks and dents.

Storm Doors

Storm doors are extra panels placed in front of entry doors to protect them and your home from the harsh elements. They add another layer of weather protection for your investment, potentially extending the service life of your entry door. Aside from acting as a weather barrier, storm doors can also enhance curb appeal, improve energy efficiency and provide better ventilation for your home.

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What to Choose?

Go for a door replacement that will address your needs the most. Whether you are primarily concerned with boosting your home’s curb appeal or are looking to improve energy efficiency, there’s sure to be a door that will suit you. Getting to know your options is a great first step toward zeroing in on the best door for you. Should you need more information or help in choosing, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a reputable door expert in your area today.


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