House Style, Doors, and Curb Appeal: A Guide on Getting the Right Door to Match Your House Style and Boosting Your Curb Appeal

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Replacing your exterior doors opens up avenues towards higher energy efficiency inside your home, as well as better structural integrity against the elements. If you make sure you choose the right material, as well, you can amp up the advantages you stand to gain from the project. But did you know that the right door can also boost your home’s curb appeal and make it stand out from the rest in your neighborhood? In this guide, we show you how.

The Relationship Between Your Door and Your Home’s Architectural Style

Architectural styles follow several design philosophies that involve exterior fixtures such as windows and doors. Symmetry in a Georgian-styled home, for instance, is dictated by the centered placement of its entry doors. Similarly, a modern house’s minimalist lines are best set off by the sleek form of an engineered flat-panel door with a clean profile.

The right exterior doors can accentuate your home’s architectural style and boost its aesthetic appeal.

Material choice is also integral to tying off the whole look completely. A Cape Cod-styled property, after all, will not mesh too well with a steel door. Wooden doors, on the other hand, work well with almost all home styles.

If you want to know which door options are best for your specific home style, consider these recommendations.

American Craftsman.

A favorite in the early 20th century, American Craftsman homes utilize a lot of simple forms and natural materials. For these homes, doors made of wood will play nicely with its arts-and-crafts undertones. French doors will also be great, as they will effortlessly build on the easy access to sunlight and air that these homes are designed after.

Cape Cod.

With their pitched roofs, Cape Cod homes look best with multi-paned exterior accessories. The best doors for this type of home, therefore, are generally French doors. Double swinging doors are also great for Cape Cod homes because they help reinforce the traditional theme of this architectural style – with the added benefit of providing enhanced ventilation and lighting for the home.


Colonial homes have wide porches, tall columns, and chimneys. Symmetry is integral to this home style, so a centered exterior door is necessary. Heavy wooden doors will look great, as will French doors with grids.


Modern homes vary in style and form, but they almost always feature a lot of glazing. For this reason, basically, any door will look well with them. But design-wise, sliding doors will complement the overall free flow of the home most. If your modern home does not fit into just one mold, however, you can get away with a door in a bold color, of any material.

For modern houses, any type of door will mostly suit, so best stick to the major color and style scheme of the house when choosing door material and design.


With low-pitched roofs and strong horizontal lines, the best doors for Prairie homes are those that will follow the open interior spacing of the architectural style. Glazed doors, such as sliding patio doors, for instance, will be a great addition to such a house.


Ranch houses have even more lower-pitched roofs than Prairie homes. Traditionally, these houses have always been built with sliding doors that lead to wide patios, so sticking with what has been practiced is great. Slim profile doors, in particular, will be good.


Stucco homes borrow heavily from Spanish and Mediterranean design influences, with low and flat roofs, arched windows, and big masonry walls. Large and ornate wooden doors will grace this bulky beauty best for the entrance while sliding glass doors for the patio and other outdoor spaces will help temper the overall integrity of the design.

French sliding doors will help preserve the integrity of a Stucco-styled house, while providing added ventilation and lighting.


Reminiscent of fairy tale castles, Tudor-style houses have very pitched roofs, narrow windows, and brick and stucco cladding. As in the case of Stucco homes, glazed doors will do a great job of softening the entire look. Swinging doors with wood profiles will especially tie in nicely with the stone trims of the house.


Victorian homes feature everything from elaborate designs to various exterior colors. To choose the right door for this style, it is best to choose French sliding doors that you can build on with grids, transoms, or sidelights.

Choosing Your Door Replacement Contractor

The aesthetic promise that a pair of replacement exterior doors can offer for your home should not be wasted on shoddy workmanship. Your choice of contractor is important; finding the right person for the job will contribute significantly towards protecting yourself and your home. To this end, you should make sure that you commit the project to an industry professional who will deliver quality results, as well as value for your money. Look for these markers:

  • Extensive industry experience. Contractors who have been replacing doors or windows for a while can be better trusted to make the right calls when it comes to executing your project plan. Industry knowledge and personal experience are valuable to the successful and timely completion of your door replacement. In addition, long-standing contractors are privy to building codes and regulations, as well as conditional requirements that are important to a job well done.
  • A wide range of product offerings. A contractor that carries a diverse catalog of door products will save you a lot of time and trouble if you ever need to compare options to find the best one for your home. In addition, you can be sure to find the ideal match for your needs and requirements, without getting pressured into considering only materials that are readily available from your contractor.
  • Comprehensive warranty. A comprehensive product warranty is also important to secure your resources during after-sales processes. If you need additional technical assistance or even a product replacement, your warranty will cover whatever you need so that you will not have to spend more time and effort in taking care of any issue.


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