The Fancy, Functional French Door: Why Get One?

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French doors usually standout because of how they look. Stylish and elegant, they are best enjoyed as patio or exterior doors but will perform just as excellently as interior doors because they can separate indoor spaces with flair. But stunning as they are, French doors are not only appreciated for their beauty. Below is a rundown of the advantages a French door has that may help convince you to get one:

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  • It does great work of connecting indoor and outdoor spaces. More than just an entryway, French doors as patio doors are tasked with bridging your patio and the inside of your home. Due to the door’s construction, it is able to do just that with ease, softening the divide to give your property a more spacious appearance while still clearly delineating indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • It lets you take advantage of natural light. Daylighting is tricky but you can more easily harness natural light when you have the right tools with you. Enter French doors. As French doors are largely made of glass, they let in a lot of sunlight, working alongside windows to illuminate a room without the use of lighting fixtures. As electricity may not be used during the day, daylighting also lets you save on costs by helping keep your energy bill down.

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  • It aids in opening up indoor spaces. By seamlessly connecting indoor and outdoor spaces and letting in a lot of natural light, French doors can create illusions of space. This makes them great additions for smaller homes looking to make living spaces roomier without altering existing floor space.
  • It helps you save on costs. French doors come in different forms so there’s sure to be one that will meet whatever budget you might have. But aside from letting you save on upfront costs, they can also help you rake in savings by reducing your home’s energy costs through daylighting and optimum insulation and by letting you do away with renovations in pursuit of achieving spaciousness.

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  • It’s an easy way to add value to your home. Remodeling is a great way to add value to your home, whether or not you are looking to sell, but the fact is it’s not always a practical solution. If your home is dire need of an upgrade and you have a patio waiting to be fully utilized, getting a French door is the perfect way to take care of these two concerns at the same time. Want to make the best kind of impression when visitors come to your home? You can also replace your old entry door with a French door. According to the 2015 Cost vs. Value Report released by Remodeling Magazine, replacing an entry door has a recoup rate of between 72% and 101.8%.

Given their many advantages, French doors perfectly blend form and factor together to give homeowners a great door option that would address their every need. But to ensure you make the most out of getting French doors, make sure you’re working with a reputable contractor in your area.



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