The Best Ways to Add Colour to Your Living Room


Neutral coloured living rooms have been highly popular within the twenty-first century as most homeowners prefer to take the sleek, modernised, and minimal look. However, quite often, neutral colours can blend into one another leaving your space with very little dimension or texture.

add color to living room

The best way to add something extra to the space without having to use much thought or creativity is to simply spice up the space with a pop of colour. This is an extremely popular trend with living rooms at the moment and we are here to provide you with some ideas on how to do so. 


Simple accessories are an easy way to add additional colour to your room space and this method is ideal if you are not set on a permanent colour scheme as it is easily changeable. Adding coloured cushions or a coloured knitted throw over your couch easily adds a pop of colour to your seating area making it look more refreshed and energised. This can inexpensively be switched up easily if you would prefer to change to colour scheme seasonally as cushion covers can be purchased for variation throughout the year. Other smaller accessories such as candles, vases, clocks, and picture frames are another easy way to incorporate colour ever so gradually into your living room without making a drastic change. 

Signature wall

Dedicating one wall of your living space to a block-coloured paint or wallpaper is another perfect way to incorporate colour into your room space. This wall will act as an accent to your room and we would recommend choosing a larger wall to add additional impact. This may be the wall that your fireplace is situated on, or perhaps the wall that your TV is mounted on, for TV wall mounting services, click here. This signature wall is guaranteed to add an exceptional amount of colour to your space giving it the radiance that it needs. 

Bring plants indoors

Plants are an easy and energising way to incorporate colour into your home living space, and alongside being aesthetically pleasing they also offer several health benefits and are guaranteed to improve the mood of anyone within their vicinity. Try to opt for a large floor plant or even some smaller plants that could be placed on a coffee table or sideboard to add additional colour to your room. If real plants seem like too much hard work, there is always the option to choose artificial plants!

Colourful wall art 

If your walls are on the blander side, abstract and funky wall art can easily add additional dimension and texture to the wall space. Canvases or even wall art prints are the perfect addition to a living room wall and can be extremely refreshing in your space. Wall art is bound to catch the eye of guests making your home a little bit more unique and quirkier. For a more put-together look, try to match the colours within the wall art or canvases to the colour of your room accessories, which is bound to tie in nicely! 

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