Cool Coffee Table Ideas That Offer Exotic Finishing Touch To Your Living Space


The typical styles of coffee tables have evolved and come a long way. These tables are now serving the dual purpose of décor and dining. Modern day coffee tables help you in finding the right table for your living area without compromising on the quality. Here are some cool coffee table ideas that add an exotic finishing touch for your living area.

Modern Mid-Century Coffee Tables

Featuring curved arch legs and a contoured top, Replica Eames Round Coffee Table Plywood CTW can be a great choice for recreating a classic décor. Eames replica chairs or mid-century modern sofa will go well with these iconic coffee tables and creates a classy yet comfortable living area.

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Glass Top Coffee Tables

Available in unique shapes, glass top coffee tables often add a modern, sleek appeal to your living space. Being fairly different from the traditional coffee tables, these tables can be an excellent choice if minimalistic appeal is on your mind. Replica Noguchi Coffee Table – Honey Stained American Ash is another line of coffee tables that features solid base material with intricate curves. In addition to being a conventional table, a coffee table imparts style and harmony to any place.

Natural Elements

Going for natural options can be best while choosing coffee tables as these add tranquility, refresh and lighten up the mood of the room. Having flowers or green plants in decorative pots and vases will also give a vibrant appeal to the living area. To create a complete display of your coffee table, you can place plants and other options such as candles and books on the table.

Nested Tables

Another way to make your room interesting by playing with the height is, to use nested tables for coffee tables. To add some positive vibe to your room and attract attention, you can also choose Urban Step Side Tables. These come in a set of three and provide three bold colors. Instead of using all the three tables as coffee tables, you can use one or two at a time and use the third one as a side accent table.

Rectangular or Round Coffee Tables

The site of your room plays a vital role in deciding the shape of the coffee table. Figuring out whether your room is large or small and narrow is extremely important. Rectangular tables are suitable for larger rooms, as these appear to take up more space. However, rectangular coffee tables come with sharp corners at times and are not suitable for homes that have pets or children. For smaller areas having a smaller coffee table will be better as they help in making the navigation easier.

round coffee table
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Coffee Tables with Dual Functionality

Coffee tables with standard heights are perfect for entertaining guests and the Copenhagen solid oak rectangle coffee table is one such table. Featuring a huge surface area, this coffee table perfectly pairs with sofa, armchair and any other modern décor. The Copenhagen coffee table serves as a space for temporary storage when you are not entertaining. This space can be used to store your favorite books, decorative glassware as well as TV accessories.

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