7 Frugal Ways to Incorporate Vintage Look in Your Living Room


It’s no secret that a vintage styled interior emits a homey and classic appeal to a home. Since traditional decorating style is most common and probably the most popular approach, it mostly holds a sense of comfortability for any family. Maybe it’s because of the old traditional approach to it that has us thinking there is a story to tell just by purely looking into its design, as well as the essence of the home’s personality.

To help you get started on incorporating your plans to a vintage look for your living room, here are seven ways to do even without having to spend a wad of cash.

  1. Choose Classic Accents

When you are looking for décor pieces, you have to know which items to pick and avoid from using too many of it. More is never considered to be essentially better. It’s why most vintage styles go for the minimalist approach since every piece are placed with a purpose and that it  is able to emit a classic accent to your living room’s whole interior.

vintage look in your living room
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  1. Add your pre-owned classic items

If you have items stored before time, then you’ll need to dig around the old piles, they may be a treasured item just hiding around in your storage. Old rugs and carpets can easily be used as a classic piece to your vintage themed living room. All it needs is a good ol’ fashioned carpet cleaning trick from Geelong.

  1. Mix up Fabrics

Following the theme of adding some decorations to your flooring, you should also consider adding some fabrics as window treatments. Fabrics such as brocade and velvet have proven to suit the traditional style. It is only common to add some texture to your interior, and floral designs and pastel colors usually does leave a good finish.

vintage look in your living room1
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  1. Upcycled furniture

Doing it yourself projects is always a no-brainer option for many frugal home renovations because it leaves you with the choice to reuse your own stuff and upgrade them to another type of furniture. Take makeover chairs for example, your old chairs may not be in great shape but the its color is just perfect for the living room’s interior, so why not use it again and re-upholster it with new paddings and such.

  1. Tree Barks or Any Type of Wooden Element

One should know that in a vintage styled living room, wood is a basic element to the design – wood floorings, wooden coffee tables and even shelves. You can use old wooden crates and place them together for a great medium-sized living room table. The more wooden aspects you incorporate in your living room, the more it would look like a traditional vintage style living room.

  1. Dress Up Walls With Stencils or Wallpaper

A great addition to your living room walls are colors that will greatly compliment your whole planned out design. Pick designs from the rich colors, pastel colors, light shades, or even a few touch of silvers and golds. The key to achieving that design is also mostly based on your walls since it is a dominant factor and largely encompasses your visual of the whole living room. Inexpensive wallpapers and stenciling is your best bet if you want to stick with your budget.

vintage look in your living room2
Photo: periodhomes.blogspot.com
  1. Add Little Ornaments

One can never go wrong with having elegant ornaments strategicaly placed in the living room as these few timeless pieces capture the essence of a traditional and that vintage look you desire for your home. These timeless ornaments may very well be the key to acquiring that classic elegance for the living room.

These are seven frugal steps to take note of so that you will not have to spend tons of many for a home makeover. You can acquire that vintage taste yourself by doing these simple ways.


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Yyanna Reema Marquez is a student- writer based in Manila, Philippines. She is a student of Interior Design and love to explore places that offers extraordinary experience. Connect with her on Twitter


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