The Need of Wall Décor for Your Living Room

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Some people like their living room walls to be bare and simply enjoy the plainness of the color of paint they previously chose, or the pattern of the wallpaper. Others like their old paintings to take space just so that there is no wide spreads of nothing but paint and wallpaper, and ignore them until their living rooms start reeking of staleness. You don’t need to be either of those people. There are so many ways you can decorate your walls, and you can be creative while doing it as to fulfil your every aesthetic need and show your guests the art you prefer to be surrounded with. So next time you go on a spring cleaning spree, think about your walls after the home cleaning and window cleaning are done.

The key to giving life to your living room walls lies in the ability to personalise the place. Breathe in fresh air by surrounding the room by your own air and ideas, and put a spin on your room by adding something that would reflect your personality, and would represent your own taste. Many people prefer to keep the living room simple since this is where they invite all their guests and think it better to keep the decor neutral. But neutral is boring! What does neutral mean? White walls, a few family pictures – all the tedium that you could think of piled up in one place. What is the point to that? Others decorate their walls so as to fit their guests’ taste. If they are having book clubs, for example, there will be shelves with a few books to keep the place thematic. And that is all fine and well, but if you are only doing it to satisfy others, then why don’t you just call them and ask how they would like the walls to be?

The Need of Wall Décor for Your Living Room1

It is up to you to think about your own walls and turn them into something that would bring satisfaction to yourself and not your occasional visitors. Keep it thematic, keep it personal, do as you wish, just don’t keep it plain and boring, and don’t make it foreign to your taste.

Thematic decor is what you need and want. And the options are so many – the only limitation you have is your own imagination. Even if you have troubles there, sit and browse for a while on the web, and see for yourself just how much ideas people have for their walls. Gather some inspiration and start decorating. You want an educational theme? Add an atlas, put up anatomy wallpapers, and maybe a few word decorations. Bring literature to your walls with paintings representing ideas from your favourite novels. If you like foreign or ethnical themes, literally nail different hats representing different cultures to make the living room a worldly place. Do you pride yourself as a marvellous cook? Nail plates to your walls, or make stands with exotic and artsy utensils.

The Need of Wall Décor for Your Living Room2

With all these options you should not leave your walls bare and dull, nor pleasing for others. Make them as interesting as yourself for yourself, or as tasteful as a magazine page. Once you get your home clean, start thinking about how you wish to do just that and add as much life and excitement as you wish on your walls.

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