Luxury Living Room Decorating Ideas Brimming With Style

Last Updated on June 22, 2022 by Kravelv

Decorating a living room can be an expensive endeavour. As much as we want it to look luxurious and elegant, decorating a magazine-worthy home may need a large sum of money. However, there are a few secrets that can give your room a high-end look without blowing your budget pretty quickly. With 1 or 2 investments (whether money or time), you can make your guests believe you have spent a fortune than you really did.

living room decorating ideas
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Display an Antique

Nothing beats a lovely antique when it comes to giving your living room a sense of wisdom and history. Antique items have a unique patina that is impossible to replicate in items you can purchase in stores. Luckily, you can find old furniture in flea markets. While lamps, mirrors, and large furniture are great, small accessories can do the trick, too. Whether it is antique boxes, antique picture frames, or sculptural wall scones, it gives your living room a unique classic, yet luxurious look.

Hardwood Over Carpet

While wall-to-wall carpeting gives your home a warm and soft feeling, it cannot match the same elegance factor as solid, gleaming hardwood floors like the ones you see at Unlike carpets, hardwood flooring gives your living room a classic, elegant appearance. Purchasing hardwood is a worthwhile investment since it lasts a long time and provides a good return on investment, especially if you are planning to resell your home. Laminate is also a good option, but make sure to only buy the best quality on the market for lasting quality.

To maximize your investment, consider different types of wood, as some may be more expensive than others. For instance, oak and birch are more affordable than cherry. Additionally, choose a dark-coloured wood for a more luxurious and elegant look. You can also add a few area rugs to match the overall design together from floor to ceiling.

Add Curvy Shapes

Straight and clean lights can make a room fall flat. Bringing in a variety of shapes can give depth and interest to your living room. Adding a few curvy items can make your room look more expensive and classy. Curvy items can range from accessories, lamps, mirrors, furniture legs, and sofas in Toronto!

Lighting Makes a Difference

When it comes to interior decorating, many Mississauga homeowners choose standard lighting fixtures. However, if you want to add more elegance to your living room, go for designer light fixtures. The Internet offers many tricks to get a high-end look without spending too much. If you are on a budget, you can find lighting fixtures at flea markets or second-hand stores. You can also add a drum shade around an old chandelier for a customized look. Another way to make your old chandelier look like a million dollars is by simply giving a new paint job or a little buffing. Also, you can use several different light sources, such as floor lamps and table lamps, to bolster the elegant feeling.

Custom Window Treatments

There is nothing more luxurious as custom window treatments that look perfect in your living space. While they do not always come at cheap prices, bespoke window treatments never fail to bring out the wow factor in any room.

Add Metallic Items

Decors with metallic surfaces are a great way to add a luxe look to your living room, but make sure to not overdo it. A few pieces of vintage silver, a brass table, a gold leaf mirror can make your room look and feel expensive, but it is okay to think small. Too much metallic decor can definitely make your room overwhelming.

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