15+ Tips to Keep Your House Clean All the Time

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Keeping a house clean all the time can be challenging, especially when people have tight schedules these days. This is a serious dilemma, as some people hate to clean their house. One reason for this is that they might hate the actual work involved in cleaning the house. Another reason may be that having a clean house takes time and effort, and many people can’t do everything regularly. But, there are still ways to make sure you can always maintain your home in its clean state. Here are some tips from Houston maid service on how to keep your house clean all the time.

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1. Keep Clutter at Bay

Clutter can be one of the biggest reasons a house doesn’t stay as clean as it should be. It is easy for items to pile up, and they become a reason why you can’t clean your house quickly. Keeping clutter at bay makes it simpler to wipe down countertops and sweep floors without being blocked by random items.

2. Use a Cleaning Schedule

Having a weekly, biweekly, or monthly cleaning schedule is good to know which days are best to clean specific rooms. This saves time because you need to follow the preset steps that have already been set out beforehand instead of researching what you should do.

3. Create a Checklist of Things that Need to be cleaned

If you have a cleaning schedule, it is good to list everything that needs to be done in respective rooms. It can help if you cross off items after they are completed, so you know when each room has been finished without having to look around the house for clean spots.

4. Maintain Order

It may be easier to clean up if, before you start cleaning, everything is already in order, so it will not take time from your schedule. If the items around the house are already stacked and put where they should go at all times, then you can readily spot dirt or dust when cleaning without having to waste your time searching for things to clean.

5. Use Cleaning Appliances and Tools

Some many different gadgets and appliances can make your life easier when it comes to cleaning the house. For example, you may find a vacuum cleaner handy if you want tidier floors. Things like these make it easy because you don’t need to do as much manual work. You can invest in things like these to make house cleaning faster and better.

6. Have the Right Tools Readily Available

It will help if you have all different tools at your disposal when you are cleaning your house, including gloves for dusting surfaces, a brush for scrubbing more challenging spots, etc. Having them accessible will allow you to clean the home faster and more efficiently.

7. Use Proper Storage Methods for Items

If there are items like toys that might only need to be cleaned once a week or month, it is good to use storage boxes to keep them away from other things. This will ensure that they are not dirtying other items or changing their particular scent, making it easier to clean the house.

8. Make it Easy to Wipe down Surfaces

There are different items you can use when wiping down countertops, tables and other areas of your house where dust might settle. You can use a spray bottle to add some water and lemon juice to make it easier to wipe down surfaces. Paper towels, cloths and gloves can also be useful items that will not take too much time cleaning the house.

9. Clean in Sections

If you have a large enough house where it takes a while to clean it, it is good if you clean in sections. You can split rooms into different sections to make it easier to focus on one area per time instead of doing the entire house at once.

10. Do not Leave Dirty Dishes in the Sink Overnight

If you have dirty plates and utensils, do not leave them in the sink overnight. Try to clean them as soon as possible because they will be hard to clean if they are crusty and dry.

11. Buy Natural Cleaning Products

There are many natural cleaning ingredients you can use that don’t contain harsh chemicals and will not leave a strong scent around the house, such as baking soda, lemons, and other items. These work like manufactured cleaning products but do not smell as much and do not have any side effects.

12. Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals

Different solutions found in the market are fine for cleaning your house, but you should avoid using any products which contain harsh chemicals or bleach because they can damage the floors and countertops over time. Even if you were to use these sparingly, it is best not to leave them in one spot for too long as they could ruin the flooring and other surfaces.

13. Use Cleaning Cloths for Non-Carpeted Floors

For non-carpeted floors, you should use cleaning cloths that shine those areas and make them easier to clean. You can even use old T-shirts or baby socks if they are exceptionally soft.

14. Use Cleaning Cloths for the Oven

You should use old towels or other cloths when cleaning your oven because it can be difficult to properly clean if you use sponges, paper towels, and other items that don’t have a good grip on the surface.

15. Use a Dryer Sheet to Clean Stovetops

A dryer sheet can help you clean harder spots on the stovetop because it will allow you to get rid of all of the dirt and debris if you use it with water. You should keep a dryer sheet in a spray bottle with some water so that you can clean the stovetop whenever you have dirty spots.

16. Clean your Fridge Regularly

You should take a few minutes each day to wipe down all surfaces of the fridge and inside it, which will allow you to avoid those hard-to-reach places from becoming too dirty with mold, dirt, and grime.

17. Hire a Cleaning Service

If all else fails, hiring a professional cleaning company may be the best option in getting your house cleaned fast. The pros like Affordable maid service have insider knowledge of how to make it easy for you to keep your house clean all the time without too much hassle.

Final Thoughts

Finally, there are many different ways you can keep your house clean. From hiring professional services to buying natural cleaning products, there are multiple things you can do so that you have an easier time keeping your house clean without too much hassle. These tips should help get you started on how to maintain a spotless home.

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