Tips to Clean Your House Faster than Ever

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Are you among those people who fear the weekend because that means house cleaning is upon you? Do you ‘hate’ cleaning and would do anything to avoid it? We understand it’s not fun and games for you and, let’s face it, nobody likes to spend hours scrubbing floors and dusting high shelves. However, people who do that for living have a special way of dealing with the mess and a whole new approach to cleaning homes. Do you think they can afford to kneel for hours and scrub the floors? Of course not; they are professionals and they have their own tips and tricks which allow them to finish their job with less effort but still be equally effective. Read on to find out what their secrets are and never fear Saturday cleaning again.

floor cleaning

Wash the dishes after every meal

This may seem a bit odd to you, but it really helps you save a lot of time and energy in the long run. While you are preparing a meal, wash bowls, pots, and pans as soon as you take the food out of them. This way you will have less to clean after the meal. And when the meal is finished, you will only have plates and cutlery to take care of. You will notice how much better you feel when you look at the dishes that need to be cleaned and see only a small pile of plates instead of a huge pile of pretty much everything you have in your kitchen. What’s more, keeping your dishes clean will prevent pests from infesting your home, especially in the summer months. There is nothing worse than going into your kitchen to find flies, wasps, or worse, rodents making it their home. However, should this happen, don’t worry. There are specialist companies, such as Pinpoint Environmental Services, who will assess your home and take the necessary steps to remove any pests.

De-grease surfaces in no time

You are aware how annoying it is to scrub greasy stuck on food areas in your kitchen and dining room. To save some time and nerves, simply mix equal amounts of white vinegar and dish soap in a spray bottle, spray on the surfaces and let the chemicals do their magic while you do something else (cleaning the counter, for example). When you come back, you will be able to clean the areas with no effort at all.

Use baking soda in your bathroom

As soon as you get into the bathroom, spray all surfaces with all-purpose spray and leave it for a while. While the chemicals are taking care of grime and bacteria, you pour baking soda into the toilet, give it a good and thorough scrub with toilet brush and flush. After that you only need to spray all-purpose spray on the outside of the toilet and tank and wipe it. By the time you finish, you will be able to wipe down the rest of the surfaces and mop the floors. To have your entire bathroom sparkling clean you will need approximately 10 minutes, no more. Sounds good, right?

toilet cleaning

Go ‘green’

If you are afraid of using too much chemicals while you clean your house, steam cleaning is just the right thing for you. Steam cleansers use hot water to disinfect surfaces and are considered a green option when it comes to cleaning. Grease, grime and dirt will be loosened and then easily wiped away if you use steam cleaners on them. Water is heated past the boiling point and comes out as steam which easily disinfects all surfaces. Professionals often use steam cleaners first and later they simply wipe the dirt away before the moisture dries.

Get yourself a ‘cleaning toolbox’

You have seen the professional cleaners do this: they have a box or a small bucket where they keep their chemicals, towels and brushes. You do the same and notice how much time you have saved because you didn’t have to stop what you were doing in order to take something you left in the other room. Fill your ‘cleaning toolbox’ with old toothbrushes, sponges and different chemicals you use for cleaning and have your ‘weapon’ by your side as you move through the house.

cleaning tools It is not difficult to get things done quicker than before, and with less effort too. Just try to think about your house as of a battlefield and each and every room is an area waiting to be freed from bacteria. If you turn it into a game, at least a bit, it will change the way you look at things and, who knows, you might even enjoy it.


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