Controversial Features of Propane Torch for Weeds

Last Updated on December 26, 2021 by Kravelv

Are you wondering whether you need a propane torch for weeds? Farmers have been using fire to get rid of weeds for years. However, the danger of letting the fire burn the grass is too high, which is not worth the risk. This is why the modern market offers a kind of propane torch for weeds that is safer than herbicide and concentrates totally on the species you don’t need.

propane torch for weeds

Things You Can Do with Propane Torch

Getting rid of weeds is not everything you can do with the tool. Here are a few helpful ideas that can ease your farmer’s life:

  1. You can easily melt the ice in specific areas.
  2. You can thaw the water pipes if you need this.
  3. A powerful propane torch is also used to remove the snow in limited areas. The tool completely melts it.
  4. You can light the fire anywhere you want, which makes it a perfect instrument for outdoor barbecues.

Propane Torch Specifics

Even experienced farmers might not know about the propane or weed torch. If you are a gardener and want to remove the weed from your land without using harmful herbicides, you might need to learn more about this option. In short, it is a portable gas torch that allows you to burn the weed in a specific area. It has a long tube made of metal that has the gas running to the flaming tip. The tool is lightweight and simple to use. Before you buy anything, you have to consider the following aspects:

  • Cost. The price is not expensive, no matter which model you pick. Usually, it is up to $100. It includes the hose, gas regulator, and some minor add-ons if there are any. The price of the tank is not expensive either; however, you have to buy it separately;
  • Size of the tank. There are 2 types of torches: with big and small tanks. Large propane tanks usually need the extension hose for work. Small tanks are attached directly to the torch and are more lightweight and simple to move. A large tank can act longer but is limited by the length of the hose;
  • Ignition. You can choose the type of ignition switch. The gas can be either turned on or the flame might be already there just needing a hit. Some models require the starting instrument;
  • Burning time. The larger the tank, the longer it works. Yet, you also have to consider the size of the tip of the torch. The smaller the tip, the longer it burns. Your weed torch must also have settings that allow you to use it on the minimum or maximum powers.

Weed Torch in Your Household

You might need this instrument in numerous cases, including the weed on your pavement or the ice you need to meltdown. It is safer than herbicide, but you have to choose the right model to use it. Follow these brief recommendations to pick the instrument you will use for years.

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