Infographic: Kitchen Appliances Cleaning Hacks

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Difficulty in Cleaning Home Appliances in the Kitchen

Cleaning different home appliances have always been an issue and a task that makes you get lazy anytime you think about doing it. I have a kitchen Aid stand mixer that is working perfectly but requires a great work to be clean. So many nooks and crannies that always get filled with butter and other dirt.

Some of the materials used are not dishwasher safe, and thus they require hand wash. Many of these appliances work really well and are enjoyable, but cleaning them requires not only a great amount of time but consumes energy and can be stressful.

Solution (Cleaning hacks)

‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ so the quotes say. The stress of cleaning appliances  makes us come up with hacks, that can make huge works be done in little time. Different appliances have different hacks, here are some of them:

  • To clean a refrigerator, the first step is to get the bad odour out, by putting a tab of Alka-Seltzer and a cotton ball of Vanilla extract behind the refrigerator, before cleaning under the fridge.
  • For the freezer, it needs to be sprayed with hot water and vinegar before putting activated charcoal in the freezer.
  • A dishwasher needs to be cleaned with a packet of lemonade kool-aid and then washed with half a cup of tang instead of detergent.
  • For a oven, it is  important to ensure that salt gets tossed on spilled food while it is still liquid, after cooling it can be wiped off.
  • Four drops of Dawn and 4 T vinegar are made into a paste to be applied on the surface of the oven, then scrubbed with salt and lemon.
  • Clean glass stovetop with hot water and dish soap, apply baking soda to the spot, before cleaning it with a rag.
  • To clean a microwave, put wet paper towels in the microwave for few minutes, the steam will soften the grime to be easy to wipe when it cools.
  • Then, microwave a bowl of water and vinegar in a microwave safe-bowl high for two minutes. It will be easier to wipe off.

The infographic below by DjiBestBuy show you how to clean these kitchen appliances efficiently and easily so check it out and share it with others.

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