5 Tips to Keep Your House Clean This Spring

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Cleaning the house and assembling the clutter is a chore that takes hours to complete! Although the weather is good, the sun is shining; the spring is already here! But, with the blooming flowers, the springs also come with some unique messes. From dust to the grass stains and dollops of ice-cream, spring cleaning can be challenging unless you the tricks of the trade.

Some people prefer to call the cleaning services, but if you are low on budget and crave the best results, then these five useful tips will help you keep your house clean:

  1. Dust the Forgotten Places

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The first thing which you can do during spring cleaning is to remove all the dust from the curtains, lampshades, and the other sneaky corners of your home. Put your lint roller on work, toss the drapes, curtains, and remove the light film of dust from these areas. If there is a heavy dust buildup, you will have to clean it with a cloth or vacuum cleaner; otherwise the feather duster will serve the purpose.

  1. Clean all your Kitchen Appliances

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While spring cleaning reminds us off cleaning and organizing the space; it is also the perfect time to scrub down the little things too! Apart from wiping off the kitchen shelves and running the exhaust, remove the pieces of breads and crumbs, which are stuck in between the slots of the toaster. And also, give a little attention to the heavy appliances such as your oven or microwave.

  1. Keep your window panes squeaky clean

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With the windy summer afternoons, window panes tend to accumulate a lot of dust particles on them! A cloth and a glass cleaner are not going to always cut it! If your windows are small in size, then you can avoid the streaks using the water and a newspaper remedy. But, if your windows are large and have direct access to heat, then you can go for the home window tint procedures. You might find this article helpful on how to remove old window tint useful.

  1. Clean soap scum and dig into the messy grout

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That stubborn soap scum and the stained gaps between the tiles are such a pain to remove! If you are short on time, just scrap the scum with the hard plastic knife.  And, to fix the stained gaps use the mixture of chlorine bleach, water and take a stiff brush to scrub the dirt off! Be cautious so that the liquid does not spread in the surrounding areas.

  1. Pep your patio furniture

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With the summers here; it’s time to clean your outdoor furniture and get it out on the patio. All you need is to add the detergent to the bowl of warm water and wipe the furniture with a soft cloth. Finish it off with a heavy spray of water, which will leave your furniture squeaky clean.

Now, when you have the top useful tricks in your hand; use them and clean your house in a flash. Add some of these tips to your daily routine and spend less time cleaning on the weekends.

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  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing! I was wondering, What are your favorite cleaning products? Would love to know your recommendation 🙂 Thanks in advance!

  2. That would be: Bon Ami Powder Cleanser, Bounty with Dawn and Clorox All-purpose cleaner. 🙂

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