Letting in the Light: 5 Tips for Incorporating Windows in Your Home Design

Last Updated on March 24, 2022 by Kravelv

When you begin building your first home, it should include something more than just walls and doors. You need to add windows that will let natural light inside the home. You could add ordinary windows that serve the purpose of adding light and allowing for looking outside but consider some of the design ideas that will add beauty to the home as well.

Entry Doors

This is an area of the home that you and visitors will see upon arriving at the house. The windows in the entry door and those that are beside the door can feature intricate designs or even a frosted appearance. The frosted look is quite popular in many homes and allows for natural light to shine through while still giving privacy for the home.

Bay Access

If you’re looking for a way to offer a relaxing view in the home as well as a beautiful design, then consider bay windows. An advantage is that you can easily place a bench or a small chair in front of the window to sit and enjoy the sunshine. Window seats also work well with bay windows. When designing the windows, consider the layout of the room as you don’t want to have many other light sources nearby. The expanse of the glass will allow for more sunshine to come through, so there really isn’t a need for a lot extra lighting.


Allow more light inside the home day or night with skylights. These are commonly seen in bathrooms, but more homeowners are adding them to kitchens and laundry rooms to provide more lighting as this is where much of the time is spent during the day when someone is home cleaning or preparing meals. The benefit of this kind of window is that they don’t take up space on the wall, allowing for more shelving, and you can create any design that you want.

Picture Windows

Living in a beautiful area, such as one that features rolling hills or a view of the ocean, deserves picture windows in the home. These are large windows that stretch from the ceiling to the floor with this type of design. They provide a substantial amount of light from the sun and offer stunning views from early morning to late in the evening.

Stained Glass

When you think of stained glass, you probably think of a church. This concept is one that is becoming more popular in homes. You can use stained glass to accent an entry door or in the bathroom to allow for privacy while still having a window in the room.

The windows are a view to the outside world. You don’t need to sacrifice beauty and modern design with the windows in the home if you use a few of the latest ideas. Consider working with a designer such as Arch Design who has experience working with windows. Also, think about the overall layout of the home before installing windows as well as how much light you really need in the house.

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