Should I Switch to Solar Christmas Lights?

Last Updated on November 4, 2021 by Kravelv

What are they?

Solar Christmas lights look like regular Christmas lights, but they are powered by an external solar panel and batteries, rather than being connected to the electrical grid through a home outlet. They come in a variety of shapes, styles, and colours, allowing you to customize your home decorating in a unique way. There are some major benefits towards using solar powered Christmas lights over traditional Christmas lights, and there are also some considerations to take into account before you choose to switch.

Benefits of Solar Christmas Lights

Solar Christmas lights are a great way to help reduce your electric bill during the holiday season, while also reducing the hassle of installation and providing a more sustainable alternative compared to traditional Christmas lights.

Utility prices continue to increase, and Christmas lighting represents between 10% and 30% on top of the usual electric bill every month. Switching to solar Christmas lights is one of the easiest ways to keep costs down, and it helps to avoid fluctuations in your electric bill.

Solar Christmas lights also don’t have any wires, which makes them ideal for those who do not live in a single family home or do not have access to an outdoor outlet. If you live in a townhome or a condominium, you can keep your space looking festive with the addition of solar powered Christmas lights. It also makes it easier for those who have a single family home to install, as they do not have to attach extension cords to connect the lights from the roof to the outdoor outlet.

While the electrical grid in many areas is pretty clean, other areas still generate electricity from burning coal, one of the dirtiest forms of power production. By using solar Christmas lights instead of drawing from the regional grid, you can help to reduce your household’s environmental footprint.

In snowy regions, adverse weather sometimes causes blackouts, and your Christmas lights display will remain dark. Having solar powered Christmas lights allows your lights to continue to operate, even in the event of a severe weather storm. Having your solar powered Christmas lights come on also helps increase your safety at night, as it helps to illuminate any hazards and helps you avoid slipping or falling as a result of snow or freezing rain.

Solar Christmas lights can also be used at any other point in the year as decoration as well. Strings of solar powered Christmas lights can be used to decorate backyard patios, add ambience to your pool area, or simply add a little flair to your garden. They can also be used indoors for children’s birthday parties or surround a fireplace.

What to consider before buying Solar Christmas Lights

Solar Christmas lights work best in areas that are always sunny, and might not provide lighting as long in regions that experience more rain and clouds. This doesn’t mean that they won’t work in a cloudy region, but you might need to reduce the amount of time that they come on at night, or allow them to charge fully before turning on your solar powered Christmas lights for the first time.

It’s also important to make sure that you plan for removing any snow that covers the solar panels. While some sunlight might make it through the snow and charge the solar Christmas lights, to ensure optimal performance, it’s important to clear the solar panel after any major snowfalls.

Finally, it is important to buy solar powered Christmas lights that have a warranty, as well as ensuring that they have a customer support line and good customer reviews. Some of the best solar Christmas lights have a great reputation amongst consumers and are more than willing to answer any questions that you have before, during, or after your purchase. Reputable manufacturers also make products that last longer and are more durable than those made from cheaper materials, meaning that they will last longer and provide you with a great holiday experience.

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