13 Awesome Modular Kitchen Design Ideas


The modular design is fastly growing in popularity because of its beauty and flexibility. When you think of a kitchen, the first thing that would come to mind would surely be the mess that is usually associated with it. With a modular kitchen design, you can keep your kitchen organized and neat looking.

At one look at these modular designs, you will think that these are kitchens coming straight out of a science fiction movie or a space age cartoon. Well, the purpose of a modular design is to provide the home owner a design that is easy to customize based on their needs.

With that in mind, here are some awesome modular kitchen design ideas that you need to know about:

Pink Factor

Modular kitchen do not have to look boring or space-y all the time. In fact, it has the capacity to look feminine too. Just add a dash of pink to your kitchen countertops cabinets and you can instantly change the look of your home.

Pink Factor
Photo: homedesignetc.com

A Homey Addition

Modular kitchens do not have to look stiff and too professional at all times. Take it from the designer of the kitchen featured above. Use wooden finishes to bring an inviting and homey ambiance to your modular kitchen.

Homey Addition
Photo: homedesignetc.com

The Shapey Kitchen

If you wish to create an appealing modular kitchen design, then make an effort to create some shape for it. The L shaped island in this kitchen surely boosted the look and aesthetic appeal of the kitchen.

Shapey Kitchen
Photo: ghar360.com

Flower Power

Adding a simple pattern in your kitchen design will surely go a long way. The addition of floral textures on the cabinets make the kitchen look a lot less boring.

flower Power
Photo: eleganthousedesigns.com

Let There Be Light

Another way to spice up the look of a modular kitchen is to equip it with chandeliers or lighting in unique and eye catching shapes like the one that you can find in the kitchen above.

Let there be light
Photo: aifund.org

The Classic Touch

classic touch
Photo: pwscott.com

Parallel Modular Kitchen

The parallel layout of a modular kitchen is the sought after kitchen layout today. This is because it allows the home owner to save a lot of space, making it useful for homes with limited space like an apartment, studio units and many more.

Parallel Modular Kitchen
Photo: capricoast.com

Island Kitchen

Having an island in the middle of the kitchen is highly recommended for home owners who like to spend time in their kitchen. The availability of island allows the user to move around freely to have a space where she can place all the ingredients and cooking equipments that he will use.

island kitchen
Photo: designbump.com

U Shaped

The U shape layout of a modular kitchen provides the most space for the home owner. This one maybe space saving but it cannot be as efficient as a kitchen island.

Photo: diwanfurniture.com

Cottage Look

If you want something more vintage, then try creating a modular kitchen that features different wooden materials. This breathe in fresh air to your home.

cottage look
Photo: mykitchenkraft.com

Sleek Sophistication

Nothing screams sophistication more than a glossy finish. If you wish to achieve that professional looking kitchen, then opt for a glassy finish and you can never go wrong.

sleek sophistication
Photo: luna-doro.com

Pops of Color

For a more fun approach on modular kitchen design, play with colors! The lime green shade of this kitchen definitely added some pizzaz to its look.

Pops of Color
Photo: 8-ball.net

Geometric Affair

One great way to amp up the style of a modular kitchen is to use wallpapers or other textured items as backsplash.

Geometric Affair
Photo: kleip.com

Modular kitchen designs use a wide array of materials including wood, glossy finishes, matte finishes, granite and many more. At times, designing a modular kitchen can become quite expensive. Nevertheless, the price that you will have to spend on it is surely worth it.

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