Attractive Tips to Maintain the Timber Doors

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People who want contemporary homes to exude traditional style can opt for timber doors because they are classy and remind people of the vintage times. They are expensive and require maintenance on the part of the homeowners to ensure longevity. Timber has to withstand adverse weather conditions but the majority of the wooden material do not prove their worth and wear out pretty quickly.

4 Steps to Maintain the Timber Doors: 

  1. Undertake periodic cleaning: Due to persistent exposure of soot, dust particles can get accumulated on the wood and cause problems to the homeowners. If you do not undertake periodical cleaning, it may lead to the destruction of the timber and the associated structure over a period of time. So, in order to keep the doors clean, use a damp piece of cloth to wipe out the dust and make the surface appear clear and shiny. There are instances when the soot gets to pile up extensively.  In such cases, you should use the sponge that provides effective results to the users.
  2. Choose the right cleaning material:  Another important aspect to clean the timber doors is to use the right kind of cleaning material and that is the mild detergent that can accomplish the task and make the ambiance disease as well as germ-free. Dirt particles are acidic in nature, thus proving dangerous to the wooden materials. Therefore, the chemicals that you use should not be acidic or basic and also they must be capable of rinsing off the additional dirt without any problem.
  3. Care: You can turn the cleaning process into live inspection of the wood to find faults if any. Look for the water penetration into the wood that can occur due to the lack of repair work. In humid weather, the wooden material expands causing the doors to deform; however, regular care can save it from destruction. Also, it is necessary to get rid of the moisture to fix the problem of rotten timber doors and if not fixed, can lead to stinking smell and also health related issues to the homeowners. To avoid any further problem, use a chisel. After the process is completed, fill the hole with the sand and seal it.
  4. Maintenance: To protect the timber doors you should lubricate the wooden window for every six months for seamless functioning and undertake regular maintenance. Sticking doors can occur due to the entry of water into the wood resulting in expansion. You have to find the source of the leakage and take adequate steps to resolve the issue without any delay.

Tips for A Long Lasting Timber Doors:

  • Solvent based finishes should be applied to the doors to eliminate the cracks that can occur because of persistent usage. They act as perfect seals because the finishes are made of turpentine and resin along with other additives. You can use the mineral spirits for the cleaning of the wood in an effective manner.
  • Try varnish as an applicant since it can provide a brittle covering to the wood and prevents it from exposition to the environment.
  • Sanding preparation needs to be added to the solvent to make it long lasting and effective.
  • The oil based coating does not provide protection for a long; however, it can penetrate into the wood and doesn’t allow the entry of the water.

So, these are some of the tips you should be doing to maintain your timber doors to keep them looking great and capable of withstanding everything nature throws at them.


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