Can’t Take My Eyes Off You: Window Designs That Make You Love Your View

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Oftentimes, when we first plan the layouts of our homes and the placement of our windows, we don’t always realize that we have fantastic views available to us from different vantage points in our homes. Because we don’t discover the possibilities until much later – after having lived in the home for several years – and because it’s sometimes too much of a bother to change things, we decide to let things be, at least for the moment.

But if you’re finally looking to get replacement windows for your home, now could be the perfect opportunity to put in windows where you can best maximize your views, and pick out the most suitable window styles to frame those views with.

Here’s a quick run-through of your options:

Divided Light

Divided light, or multi-light, windows have muntins that divide a single window sash into a grid system of glass panes, or “lights”. Small panes are more affordable, yet still easy to arrange into large grids of glass. Another plus is the highly-customizable glass-and-frame layout of multi-pane windows, giving you a variety of beautiful options to choose from.


These classic hinged windows are already known for providing access to great views. Take a step out of the ordinary 2×2 or 4×4 grid by changing the shape or pattern of the glass panes. While casement windows also provide the option of unobstructed views when they are opened, a creative touch can make you love your view even with the windows shut.
Window Designs That Make You Love Your View1

Bow and Bay

With instant elegance, bow and bay windows are in themselves eye-catching design features that add square footage to any room. Add a window seat and you’ve got storage space and somewhere cozy to stargaze at night, or to watch the kids play in the garden during the day.
Window Designs That Make You Love Your View2


Perfect for indirect lighting, or when views of the outdoors aren’t necessarily a great feature. Try an awning transom to help maintain privacy in a room while optimizing your airflow and ventilation.
Window Designs That Make You Love Your View3


Made up of single panes of glass, these windows offer an unobstructed and minimalistic way to enjoy the light and your views. Get creative with the choice of size and orientation, or put them side-by-side in rows. Single-light windows are great for making a distinct statement with your view.

Window Wall

Stretches from floor to ceiling, and from one corner to another. Homes with an expansive view can make great use of this design, creating a space that’s in the perfect middle ground between the indoors and the outdoors.
Window Designs That Make You Love Your View4


Single-light corner windows open up the space diagonally instead of in just one single direction, making smaller rooms seem much larger than they actually are.
Window Designs That Make You Love Your View5


Perhaps the most ideal way to gain the best access to a good view. Horizontal or vertical, with thin or thick casing, picture windows are far from plain. It’s a perfect frame for making a good view even more special.

Window Designs That Make You Love Your View6


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