The Appeal of Picture Windows

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If there’s any one style of window that appeals to almost everyone, it would certainly be the picture window. Picture windows are large fixed, or non-operable, windows. One of the most distinctive window types, these windows are primarily known for the ability to let generous amounts of natural light into the home and for framing unique outdoor views that can become the focal point of any room. Read on to find out more about what makes the picture window an attractive and popular choice for many types of homes.

Talk About A Focal Point!

Picture windows are designed to enhance a room by giving you an unobstructed view of the outdoors. You will certainly love the many style options to choose from. These windows give you a dynamic feast for the eyes, not just from the changing views outside, but also from the many ways you can frame it. Picture windows give you and your guests a lot of things to both look at and talk about!

Appeal of Picture Windows1

If It Ain’t Broke … It’s Fixed!

One of the main characteristics of picture windows is that they are fixed, which means they cannot be opened or shut to regulate ventilation. While this may be considered a drawback by some homeowners, picture windows make up for it with the potential for high-performance energy efficiency. You can still block heat and control how much light enters without sacrificing the view. The expanse of glass alone yields itself to a variety of options, from low-E coatings to tints to solar reflective glass, but the choice of frame can boost your energy savings even further. No operable parts also means no mechanical parts to break, so picture windows can be very durable and require almost no maintenance on your part.

Appeal of Picture Windows3

The “Real” Appeal

Looking to breathe life into an “artificial” space? Perhaps you’re wanting to mimic the look and feel of the lush outdoors minus the bugs or the cold or humidity? Picture windows are a practical and refreshing way to bring the outdoors in without the downsides. Bask in streams of natural light, enjoy unobstructed views and experience the changes in natural scenery throughout the day and through the different seasons.

Appeal of Picture Windows2

Expand Your Views

How do you use all of these wonderful characteristics to your best advantage? The good news is that picture windows are versatile, and can easily be worked into the design of your home, in whichever location you desire. If the inoperability or lack of ventilation is an issue, you can always use picture windows in combination with other window types, such as double-hungs, casements and awnings. Any picture window is sure to work just as well and look just as good in any combination you can think of as it does on its own.

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