Brighten Up Your Kitchen with These 5 Ideas

Last Updated on March 21, 2022 by Kravelv

Poor lighting can make a kitchen look dingy and dull instead of bright and airy. Nobody wants to spend time making memories (and food) in a space they don’t enjoy.

It might be time to upgrade your current lighting if that’s the case. Here are 5 options to consider to lighten the mood, so to speak:

Bay window

It’s hard to beat natural lighting when direct sunlight is coming in. Bay windows typically have three window panels that project out from the house in sharp angles.

Instead of a standard window, the bay window – or “garden window” – below would really class up the space. Smaller bay windows such as these make a great addition to any kitchen or bathroom because they hold herbs and plants and come with side vents.

Photo credit: Comfort Windows

A large bay window sometimes includes a window seat on the inside. This type of bay window makes a lovely room centerpiece. It’s also a great place to drink a cup of coffee and enjoy the morning sun.


If it makes sense for your space, another cool feature to consider installing is a skylight. You’re not only upping the ante on aesthetics, you’re cutting down on your reliance of artificial light.

Photo credit: Decoist

If you’re worried about cost, one thing to consider is that tax rebates are actually given on certain types of energy efficient skylights. Two laws apply to some VELUX skylight products that were purchased and installed between Jan. 1, 2009 and Dec. 31, 2016. The buyer can receive a 30% federal tax credit on both the purchase and installation.


Often times there’s not just one source of lighting in the kitchen. Accent lighting or a pendant above the sink can serve as a nice “showpiece.”

doesn’t need to break the bank either. If you’re crafty enough, you can make a “sleeve lighting fixture” like the one below.

Photo credit: Table Legs Online

A talented DIY’er made the light with an old sleeve from a sweater she bought at Salvation Army and an apple juice bottle. It would be fun to experiment with different types of bottles and fabrics.

Track lighting

Replace the florescent light box with a stylish track lighting system. Track lighting is a versatile option which is why it works well in tiny kitchens or huge kitchens. Different parts of the kitchen, such as the counters and ceiling, can be illuminated depending on the angles of the lights. Notice where you direct the eyes in a kitchen that has great track lighting.

Photo credit:

You really get a sense of how tall the ceiling is with the way this style of track lighting is suspended.

Under cabinet lighting

Under cabinet lighting not only sets ambience, it directs light onto the counters which are usually your main preparation and cooking surface. You can save money energy and money with LED lights.

Photo credit: Avram Rusu Studio

Changing the whole look and feel of the kitchen with good, bright lighting is a worthy investment, especially if it makes you happy.

Article by: Melissa Davidson

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