Interior Decorating Tricks For Your Home Office

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Install a few easy essentials in order to optimize your workspace.

When considering a home office space, there’s a lot of assumption that these work spaces are just for the fulltime work-from-homers. In actuality, home office spaces are incredibly versatile. You can use them fulltime or even when you just need to make a grocery list. There’s also a lot of assumption that they need to be whole rooms. Really, they can be neatly tucked away in a corner. But the worst assumption? That décor doesn’t make a difference. This is untrue on a number of levels, as demonstrated by the ability of good décor to elevate your mood and workflow. So before you haphazardly throw together an office, consider a few special tips in order to gain the most from your space.

Consider the family

If the whole family will use your home office, it’s important to decorate with their needs in mind. For the kids, consider opting for an adjustable office chair or adding a storage bench for all of their schoolbooks. If you have pets that you plan to allow in your office space, you may even want to install a doggie door to minimize interruptions as your pets come and go.

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Work with the natural light

Determining where to establish your home office can be difficult, especially if you don’t have a spare room. And while some people may choose to build a desk space into a closet, you’d be missing out on a very beneficial element—natural light. Not only will natural lighting help to lower your electric bill, but it will also boost your energy and creativity while lessening symptoms associated with harsh lighting (like eye strain). So put your home office space in the corner of a well-lit room instead, like the dining room or living room, and preferably near a window.

Put together an efficient storage solution

No matter what combination of home office space you come up with, you will absolutely need some sort of storage to accompany it. The more obvious storage solutions come in the forms of drawers and shelves, but this is an area that you can tailor to your needs, as well. If your line of work calls for hard-copy file archives, consider establishing a shelf-and-box system in the garage. If you don’t need constant access to something, there’s no need to keep it in your office space. If your line of work calls for a studio/office space, set up a secondary workshop desk which houses all of your art supplies. Mixing different types of desk space can result in chaos and excess clutter.

Give it a fresh coat of paint

One of the best ways to personalize your office space is by giving it a color palette that keeps you focused and creative. And that starts by slapping on some new paint. Keep in mind that your office can be any color you want it to be. You needn’t stick to the drab colors that you’ll find in many offices around the world. Instead, go for what inspires you.

Install a caffeination station

A feature common in traditional work places, the kitchenette can also be incorporated into your home office plans. The best part is you can accomplish a kitchenette without any remodeling, like installing a sink. With just a standing water cooler/heater, mini fridge for milk and cream, and a coffee pot, you’ll be all set to enjoy your cuppa without having to venture out into the often more distracting kitchen space.

Interior Decorating Tricks For Your Home Office

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The office décor possibilities go far beyond these tips, but they are some excellent basics to help get the ball rolling. You can even take it to the extreme with a full-blown addition or remodel, depending on your needs, budget, and timeframe.


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