6 Awesome Used Office Cubicle Designs For Your Home Setup Based On Employee Personality

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Who said used office cubicles are bland and boring? Take a look at this picture and you will understand what I mean.

If you have a home office, it’s time to think outside the cubicle and add to your work space a little bit of fun, creativity and of course, some personality.

First, good to know that you have avoided falling into the open office trap. Creativity and excellent productivity does not always have to be the responsibility of the employees. An employer too should look into ways to turn around a home office into a creative work station full of inspiration. Speaking of which, take a look at some of these cubicle design ideas. They are some of the most wonderful design ideas that I have come across and you would feel the same too about them.

Try them out on the used office cubicles and furniture pieces that you have brought from the market. Employees are guaranteed to love you for saving the office space from the dull and boring drabness that was eating up all those hard working and creative heads.

#1 – For the Fashionista

Sheets of wall paper with trending prints or a collection of portraits and pictures hanging from the wall – fresh fashion begins around the office from the cubicle of a fashionista. And if these are not enough, how about adding a lovely dim lit lamp shade. Lamps with interesting light shades can add up an interesting tone and lighten up the surrounding work ambience. And if your fashionista has eyes for the slightest detail, then try to make the most out of your office stationaries in creating the décor.

home office ideas1

Forget about an office with the palest looking wall color and a stiff corporate ambience. If the fashionista works in there, there is sure to be a cubicle that’s interesting amidst all the drabness around.

#2 – For the Pop and Rock Lovers

Does ‘We Will Rock You‘ help that one employee tune better to his creative imaginations? And ‘Don’t Stop Believing‘ inspire her to skyrocketing heights?

Does your home office have that quirkiest employee who loves to rock and roll like Elvis Presley? Or for that matter, is there an office rebellion who likes strutting around the office floor, carrying cool project works in hand and shooting that ‘Dangerous‘ look to his/her rivals?

If you know what I am trying to mean right now, why haven’t you taken the cubicles seriously yet? There are so many things to do right there. Encourage your employee to hang their favorite posters around, paste one or two lines of lyrics on the walls, put one of those Elvis Presley dolls on the desk, etc. That space is where real work begins from. Allow your staff to put some soul to the used office cubicles! They will put the same effort in their work.

#3- For the Nature Lover

Love and nurture are the two things you would find in his or her work space. They are often the most focused and efficient people when it comes to work. That is because indoor plants are said to improve worker productivity. Do not forget to add a plant to the desk if you have a nature lover dwelling in your home office. It’s okay if you do not want to spend too much on the decoration part though. You can at least give them the freedom to add a little plant to their work space. It can help to improve your work environment and make the space around the office cubicle more comfortable and less stressful.

home office design2

Check out how you can decorate your cubicle with some of these 7 great office plants.

#4 – For the Artistic Mind

Creativity flows in his or her vein. So when given a chance to decorate those bland walls, the born artist is sure to rebel out loud on these cubicle walls. From simple cartoons to complex graphics, allow your employees to blow off their steam in the most creative way by sketching away on those bland high walls barricading their work space.

Go Picasso by adding office accessories and essentials with fun graphic interpretations and art prints.

#5 – For the Festive Spirit

Santa is coming to town and so is the festive mood of everyone jingling away to the tune and merriment. Time to add a little bit of that to the work nest of your home office eh? Let’s talk about the areas that your used office cubicles surround. Put some festive lights on, hang some socks filled with candies on the cubicle wall, deck each work desk with a mini Christmas tree or maybe a mini Santa Clause who can give company to the employees overloaded with work this holiday, change the background wallpaper, play some Christmas songs. Ideas are plenty and you can think of more if your home office work space is big enough to fit in all.

#6 – For the Fans and Cheerleaders

Baseball or Football, it’s game on for everyone in the office whenever one of those championship leagues begin. Employees would love to deck their cubicle walls and office desk with their favorite flags, jerseys and mementos. Give them the chance. Bet such days are the best days to work in the office. With all the fun and excitement around, the boss will sure be happy to see a little bit boost in the working spirit and productivity of the office employees.

Save some room for concentration and imagination

All those creative brains too need inspiration and imagination. The coolest ideas come when you give them the space to open up their mind and think out loud. This is pretty essential for almost any organization out there. So go ahead and make the most of your used office cubicles and other furniture pieces now! You will find some fruitful results soon.


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