Affordable Design Ideas for Your Starter Home

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Congratulations! You have made it through the starter home schemes, mortgage affairs, discounts and housing crisis to finally sit down and plan on the décor part of your first home. These affordable décor ideas are sure to make your first home the most memorable one; not to mention fabulous looks as well.

  1. Inbuilt Storage

Storage is not only to stack away all unused stuff, it also keeps things out of sight – and who doesn’t like a clear space that is easy to clean? Aim at maximizing your storage space to increase free space that could be used to decorate with stylish accessories.

  1. Go Large Minus the Price

It is fine if your starter home happened to be a much smaller one than you had planned. The right choice of window treatment can make your home appear large and thus makes your space look spacious. Floor to ceiling drapes create an illusion of large size even on small windows.

Affordable Design Ideas for Your Starter Home1
  1. Illusion the Convenient Way

The cheapest way to create a perfect illusion of spaciousness is to install mirrors in strategic locations.  Put up mirrors in a way to reflect back natural or artificial light; this doubles the brightness within a space and naturally makes it look larger than it actually is.

Affordable Design Ideas for Your Starter Home2
  1. Revamp Old Furniture

Your starter home can sport a perfect concoction of old and new furniture so your interiors look like they are collected over the years. Refurbish cheap and old furniture with a dash of cheerful colors while new upholstery is perfect to cover the flaws of aged wooden furniture.

  1. Wallpaper It Right

Wallpaper is a convenient way to change the entire setting of a room but that does not mean it has to get on every inch of your bare walls. Alternatively, it can be used to create an accent wall by wallpapering just one wall and leaving the other walls bare with neutral wall paint to emphasize the accent wall.

Affordable Design Ideas for Your Starter Home
  1. Accentuate With Lighting

Light can break or make a room since the selection of lighting fixtures can make your space relaxing like a spa or seem like a revved up discotheque. It is a wise idea to slip in lighting fixtures at multiple areas that highlight interior focal points instead of lighting the entire room aimlessly. Check out these bright ideas to get a hang of what exactly suits your needs.

Affordable Design Ideas for Your Starter Home3
  1. Professional Advice

Resorting to professional intervention will actually prove to be money-saving since this is your first home & first-hand experience cannot become a match to a novice perception. Your decorator is sure to approach the manufacturing source for all genuine stuff that goes into your home and you are sure to save good money on genuine & expensive stuff like overdyed rugs for sale as well.

Affordable Design Ideas for Your Starter Home4
  1. DIY Where Possible

DIY is one sure way to decorate a space within your budget. There is an endless list of DIY ideas flooding the internet every day – all thanks to those noble souls who share their precious DIY ideas with the world unconditionally. With a wee bit of your creative sparks you can be sure to sport designer home décor stuff in no time.


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