Best Gadgets for your “Smart” Home Office

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Want to make your home office as “smart” as possible? Don’t worry! There are a lots of gadgets and techs this day that can help you with this. For that, here are some of the best tech and gadgets that your home office should have.

Apple MacBook Air 

Light, sleek, twice as fast as the previous model and boasting a 12-hour battery life, this is still one of the best laptops in town. OK, so some of the specs might be starting to date – especially compared to the new MacBook Pro – but unless you’re editing 4K video, Apple’s MacBook Air is a proper workhorse that’s arguably more productive than most tablet and wireless keyboard offerings. If you are not a fan of Apple, you can check out these list of best ultrabooks.

macbook air

Jake Dyson Csys Desk Lamp 

Following in the footsteps of his dad, Jake Dyson has reinvented the desk lamp and created this elegant design with a bulb that lasts a whopping 37 years. Touch-sensitive, with precision dimming, the CSYS Desk Lamp consumes a fifth of the energy of a halogen bulb. Heat-pipe tech cools the LEDs to sustain brightness over 37 years, while the three-axis glide motion enables you to adjust the light rotationally, horizontally and vertically with the tip of your finger. This lamp is a must-have in your home office.


Libratone Zipp Wi-fi/Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker 

There’s no point trying to cram a huge hi-fi into a small home office. The ZIPP is compact, but doesn’t compromise on sound quality or connectivity. Designer style belies a hi-tech heart that’s bursting with NFC, Bluetooth aptX, Apple AirPlay, USB charging, a built-in battery and Spotify Connect compatibility. The end result? A deeply impressive sound from a small unit that offers subtle yet refined, room-filling audio from its 10cm bass driver and pair of ribbon tweeters.


Canon Maxify MB2350

This all-in-one inkjet printer, scanner and Photocopier servicing and repairs enables you to wirelessly tackle the office admin, print frame-worthy holiday snaps and knock out copies of your CV, all from your tablet or smartphone (as well as your desktop computer or laptop). It’s compatible with Wi-Fi, Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print and Maxify Cloud Link, and busts out a respectable 23 pages per minute. If you want a more cheaper option, you can check out CANON PIXMA MG2950.


Dyson AM09 Hot & Cool Fan Heater 

There’s no sense in heating the whole house just to keep your office warm.  The Dyson AM09 can heat to a specific temperature for a set period of time, generate focused warmth, diffuse heat to the whole space or cool the room down during hot summer months. You can certainly save some energy on this one.


IKEA Nilserik Stool 

Stand-up working will improve your health and posture, and help you to burn calories – but it’s harder than you’d imagine. Ikea’s adjustable-height stool provides a handy perch when you need a breather. The convex base is balanced so that you can rest your legs while keeping your spine upright. You can seat comfortably and burn calories at the same time while working with this lovely stool.

IKEA Nilserik Stool

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