5 Wonderful Home Office Decoration Ideas to Motivate Employees

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First impression creates the last impression and speaking of office spaces, believe or not but the environment has a lot to play in connection with your employee productivity. But even employees are demanding and are extremely conscious about their work environment status. If you are one of those entrepreneurs who have just opened a new company at home and is planning to organize a team to get started with your business, then keep in mind that you might have to work out on paying attention to the kind of environment you present to your employees.

So there is no harm in investing a little bit in order to pimp up your home office decoration…chances are your employees would be instantly delighted to join you right away after stepping indoors.

It all works on the mood

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And it’s not the walls that are crucial here to talk about. I mean, of course you know which colors to add there that will churn up the environment you want, but home office furnishings do matter and it might be the first thing employees check out first. Where are they going to work? – Is it stylish? Is it creative? Home office decorations should match the type of industry that your company represents. Besides, is it not the office cubicles where employees tend to spend up their entire day? Based on a survey, an average American is reported to spend  90% of his/her time working indoors. Your employees too are humans with feelings and emotions. You have got to keep their mojo right so that it does not end up harming your business work motto. You are not alone! Majority of the companies focus on allocating funds to design, construct and even maintain the spaces that collide with their employee work flow. Besides, if you have opened up an office at home, then you are definitely enjoying the advantage of utilizing the homely atmosphere, which is crucial for employees to feel comfortable and relaxed when they work.

The latest trend that now dominates the office space is the inclusion of modern cubicles, which look up to the following benefits while at the same time, enhance employee happiness and productivity outcome –

  • Comfortable – They are specifically designed to ensure the work space is kept comfortable and spacious, while at the same time keeping check on excessive noise pollution.
  • Adaptable – They can easily adapt to any environmental change, as per the demand of the situation. You can reorganize the cubicles, which are capable of adding a touch of flexibility to the entire area.
  • Compact – Modern cubicles are said to cut off clutters that tend to make an office place even more disturbing. The higher the compactness of the work space, the increased are the chances of a free flowing work communication among your office employees and team mates.

Feeling motivational and pumped up by now to give your home office design the much-needed updated look? But you might be simultaneously thinking how to get around being cost-conscious. Well, there is always the option to choose re-manufactured modular furniture like the one from Office Cubicles Orange County, CA. But, working within the cubicles feels very lonely and lost, especially if they are found to be functionally uncomfortable. You need to make sure you don’t end up making the place dull and boring.

That is why here are some quick ideas on how you can decorate the cubicles at your home office to make your employees feel spiritually engaged their work, while trying to keep the cost as simple as possible and within your budget.

#1 –  Potted Flower Decoration

Home Office Decoration Ideas - potted flower

You can always stick to the 3 Ps and 1 C (Plants, photos, post cards and calendars) in order to create an environment that is friendly. Potted plants can make the work space office cubicles look more refreshing and close to nature. Bright colorful plants are invigorating and soothing to the eyes, especially when your employees feel over stressed with too much work pressure. Besides, these are great air fresheners and of course, budget friendly too.

#2 – Memorable Photo Shots

Home Office Decoration Ideas - memorable photo shots

Sticking pictures captured from vacations or that of family members, can make one remember the happier moments to lighten things up at work, apart from the fact that it helps to build up a homely atmosphere to work in. Allow your employees to pin them up on the cubicle walls to shut out the otherwise dull color paints that cubicles generally adorn. Employees would love to make one side of their cubicle wall into a mini gallery, towards which they can turn around during their free time and return with a happy mood back to work.

#3 – Environment Friendly Paints

Home Office Decoration Ideas - eco friendly paints

Conservation and waste reduction are a part of the necessary corporate goals. Speaking of paints, you can repaint your office cubicles using colors that will liven up the entire space. On the other hand, if you seek to have your entire office environment work space model completely renovated, recycled office furniture can become some of the company’s wise assets. That is because apart from playing an important role towards environment conservation, these re-manufactured furniture pieces make use of state-of-the-art powder coats for most of the paint requirements. These paint coats come free of volatile organic compound emissions and hence are environment friendly, unlike the other forms of paint applications that are generally hazardous both to the environment and to the people exposed to it. Make sure you are a cautious employer who cares about your staff health as well, while at the same time trying to modify the get-up of your home office with modern re-manufactured office cubicles Orange County, CA.

#4 – Interesting Desk Lamps

Home Office Decoration Ideas - interesting desk lamps

While fluorescent lights can hurt the eyes, desk lamps with softer shades can not only illuminate the work environment but also make the ambiance more welcoming.

#5 – Motivational Quotes

Home Office Decoration Ideas - motivational quotes

Quotes by some of the greatest personalities around the world can be very inspiring. Make sure your home based office has some of them hanging down from the cubicle walls that you can easily buy online from motiv-art.com. This will help your employees to stay focused and motivated to their targeted goals and challenging activities.

Sticking to a low or moderate budget is what most of the employers prefer to go with. That is why, all of the above mentioned ideas have been suggested keeping in mind that you might be looking around in search of smart tips that are innovative and inspiring. So go ahead and make the most of your home based office space to welcome your employees with a warm work friendly embrace. It will boost up their work speed and quality.


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