What’s a Bungalow Home

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When searching for a home, you will come across different styles of houses that offer unique features, sizes, functionality and aesthetic value. Depending on what you are looking for, a bungalow will provide families with a perfect package of options. Bungalows are a popular type of home due to the simplicity, artistry, and affordability of the home.

What is a Bungalow House?

The bungalow house is often a single-storey home which has been the dream for working-class families towards homeownership.  The typical features of a bungalow house include a wide and pitched roof and large living room acting as the central space.

Bungalow house plans are typically square in shape with overall size averaging 1000 to 2000 square feet. The large living room will have all other rooms located adjacent to it. The size and layout of this home makes it ideal for young families and for people who may have mobility issues. Paradise Developments also recommends to pay attention to the location of a bungalow you are planning to buy and features one of the Canadian cities in this article.

The bungalow house traces its origins to the Bengal region from where Europeans drew inspiration and brought back its design and quick-build layout to the west. The design of the bungalow house provided shade and cool from the hot sweltering climate common in South Asia. The first bungalow in the UK western world was built in 1869 in the UK. Since the arrival of the bungalow style in the US in the 1890s, it became the dominant architectural style in North America for the next forty years.

Bungalow House Styles

The small-sized bungalows are recording a resurgence in popularity as more people look for smaller homes that are energy efficient. Bungalows are efficient with space with built-in closets and cabinets and bring a cozy and charming feel. Bungalow style house designs that you may come across include:

Craftsman Bungalows

craftsman bungalow

A craftsman bungalow is the typical bungalow home. This bungalow style was made popular by the bungalow kits that came up in the early 1900’s and saw uniform bungalow construction at the time.

The craftsman bungalow features a low pitched roof, a covered front porch that has thick columns, and dormers.

Queen Anne Bungalows

This bungalow style house takes design features from Victorian-style homes that were swiftly replaced by the bungalow. Features of the Queen Anne include patterned masonry, use of colors, turrets and bay windows.

Mission Bungalows

These were inspired by Spanish missions and are very common in Southwest USA and California. The houses feature white stucco or plaster exteriors, red tile roofs, and arched doors and windows.

Chicago Bungalows

Chicago bungalows are distinct from other styles of bungalows. The distinct features of the homes include:

  • They are constructed with brick and have a stone trim
  • One and a half stories and rectangular in shape
  • A full basement
  • Entrance is offset from the center and is located on the side of the home

California Bungalows

The California bungalow became popular since it was also offered as a kit.  Features of the home include one and a half stories, it is painted in natural tones, and an oversized porch which is supported by battered pillars, and a detailed chimney.

What is a Bungalow House Plan? Factors to Consider

Bungalow house plans will have their pros and cons. Before choosing the type of bungalow to buy, recommends considering the following features:

Single-floor Living

All the rooms of the house including common areas and bedrooms are found on one floor. The design is very good for people who have issues with mobility, especially older adults. The lack of stairs makes life easier, safer and efficient for them since they can easily access all livable spaces. Stairs can also become a hazard for toddlers and young children. Families with young children will be more comfortable with living spaces being on one floor.

However, the single-floor living may have its challenges especially when entertaining guests or if you like to spread out especially with children. The separation of living spaces also impedes hosting parties and events since it all feels disjointed.

Security and Privacy

Security and privacy for bungalow houses can be termed as both good and bad. A Street of bungalows provides homeowners with sufficient levels of privacy. The low profile of these houses shields them from neighboring properties. The small size of bungalows leaves space on either side of the lot keeping a considerable distance between neighboring homes. There are no shared walls such as in the case of townhouses.

Some homeowners will not feel safe with bedroom windows at ground level. Privacy inside of the house can be an issue due to the small-sizes of bungalows. With every room on one floor, you may feel that you do not have the privacy required from other family members or people you are living with.

Ability to Add to the Home

The bungalow house plan allows for easier expansion or remodeling compared to other multi-storey homes. Most homeowners use the half-storey space under the roof by converting it into bonus rooms such as a playroom, bedroom or studio space.

Additionally, bungalows are built on generous lots which allow room for expansion and improvement. Homeowners can add extra bedrooms to the existing house since space and design of the bungalow allows expansion or remodeling.

Limited Natural Lighting

Bungalow houses are designed to keep heat out and as such their design may limit the amount of natural lighting in the home.  Make use of creative methods of adding both natural and artificial lighting in the home.

Low Profile

The distinct characteristic of bungalow houses is the living space is found purely on the main floor. The floor is slightly raised so that a few front steps are required. The low profile makes the houses easy to build since utilities can be installed without difficulties. Ease of construction brings down the total cost of construction making bungalows affordable.

A large front porch

A large front porch is another of the distinctive features of a bungalow. We can say that bungalows were ahead of their time since the large porch falls in line with the current theme of bringing the outside in contemporary home design. The large porch serves as an additional living space where people can sit or entertain. The porch should flow naturally outward from the interior of the home.

High Resale Value

Bungalows are always in high demand meaning that it is easy to find a buyer for your home if ever you want to sell it. Both millennials and older adults are searching for smaller efficient homes. Bungalows satisfy this criteria especially for older people who want to downgrade from the large multi-storey family homes.