13 Excellent Tips to Nail the Minimalistic House Design

Last Updated on February 17, 2022 by Kravelv

OnePoll statistics indicate that more than 70% of American homeowners were thinking about redecorating their houses this year. Why not attempt a minimalistic restoration for the Christmas holidays. This pandemic changed how people designed their dwellings. Many families switched to working/learning from home because of COVID-19. In contrast, others were compelled by lockdowns/quarantines to give their apartments a more “outdoorsy” façade.

minimalistic house design

Whether you’re looking for comfort or elegance – we now suggest becoming a minimalist when it comes to house upgrades. The idea of living somewhere free of materialism and crowd appeals to many homeowners today. So, how to nail minimalism perfectly?


 “Minimalism” has played a vital role in philosophy and psychology. In domestic improvement – however – this concept describes freedom from romantic consumerism. This theory preaches that people should create a simple, elegant, and almost Scandinavian space characterized by the lack of clutter. You may call it a practical yet cooperative and egalitarian yet non-spartan lifestyle. It allows you to furnish your home with the “bare minimal” with restraint and simplicity.

However, this popular and relevant façade is difficult to achieve. But worry not, as we’re here to help you achieve the minimalistic house design:

1. Rent storage spaces

You might have seen people removing extra stuff from their homes when trying to achieve a minimalist lifestyle. So, where should you keep these things? We suggest renting self-storage in your area to store unnecessary belongings securely. If you’re in Camarillo, CA, you can get affordable storage in Camarillo to relocate items that aren’t needed at home for the time being.

It’ll help you declutter in the future and remove worn-out items from the house. Indeed, these storage facilities helped many homeowners become minimalists.

2. Simple yet elegant

You must leverage the quality of simple objects to furnish your house. With white or neutral backgrounds, even ordinary decorations may seem strikingly appealing to a casual onlooker. What’s more, it becomes easier to maintain these furnishings when you’ve adopted a minimalistic perspective.

3. Focus on function

We propose creating a distraction-free apartment where everything has a clear-cut purpose. Don’t just decorate your dwelling only because it looks beautiful. Unless these items “spark joy,” you shouldn’t keep them in the house.

This dedication to “purpose” marks the institution of a minimalist’s interior.

4. Mirrors are useful

Hanging a simple mirror can change the entire façade of your room and add some elegance to a simple wall. Mirrors also work as alternatives to expensive (thereby useless) windows. They can change a confined region and make it appear more spacious, thereby giving you comfort as well.

5. Illumination often helps

Allow more sunlight to illuminate the room as it makes your home seem more spacious and comfortable. Install some slender windows to retain privacy while welcoming natural light to brighten the space. If you’re into light fixtures, we suggest sticking with the traditional ones.

6. Play with textures

Homeowners practicing the minimalistic philosophy can experiment with a combination of textures to enhance the façade of their homes. Mixing these textures doesn’t make the room overwhelming. Instead, it adds to minimalistic elegance, e.g., textured wallpapers combined with upholstered headboards.

7. Declutter your home

Minimalism encourages people to inspect their household possessions and ponder how many things matter for them. How about throwing away your old notebooks, yellow manuscripts, and rotten furniture for a change. Once you start to declutter, it will surprise you to learn just how many things you were hoarding before.

Nonetheless, you don’t have to throw this clutter in the garbage. We have discussed renting storage facilities to dump these excess items for safekeeping.

8. Neutral-colored paints

People wrongly believe that every minimalistic house looks white. You don’t need to paint the place white to achieve an elegant interior design. You can choose any shade of white or any other color of your choice. But remember that yellow undertones go well with classic white, exuding warmth. Similarly, the blue ones make the white appear crispier. Any earthy, neutral shade will boost the simplicity yet the beauty of your humble abode. So, choose the right color combination when painting the place.

9. Get dual-purpose furniture

Who doesn’t like having space-saving furniture? When your tables and chairs serve several purposes, purchasing them seems more minimalistic. It prevents your home from looking clustered. So, you may repurpose outdated furniture to create more functional objects in your humble abode.

10. Customize your staircase

How about having custom stairs in your home? This strategy lets you open up any floorplan, thereby adding minimalistic elements to the place. While you have picked furniture that saves space, don’t forget to customize the staircase and add some fantastic features to it.

11. Minimum accent pieces

We suggest keeping accent pieces to a minimum and avoiding piling furniture, fixtures, and decorative items. Stick with a few “statement” pieces that demonstrate your style. Even a single portrait that displays creativity will appear better than a dozen little pieces scattered chaotically on the wall.

12. Grow some plants

You might have seen minimalistic apartments being portrayed in movies. They always show a singular plant furnishing the place with its immaculate greenery. However, we insist on getting smaller plants and cater to their needs regularly. When you add greenery, it does make your house comfier and more welcoming.

13. Clear the house

The essence of a minimalistic house redesign project lies in keeping your apartment clean and tidy. From walls to floors – clear everything and make every surface visible. We even suggest keeping the floor neat and clean without piling anything on it. Don’t clutter your walls with several pictures (one’s plenty). Keep them bare and don’t even use any wallpaper. Likewise, your tables and shelves look better when they’re less occupied. Excessive decoration pieces ruin the natural beauty of your home, so it’s best to avoid it.


Nathan Morris proposed editing our lives “frequently and ruthlessly” to create a masterpiece for ourselves. So, minimalism promotes downsizing our lives and feeling more relaxed with fewer items around. It’s a movement that has overwhelmed people in the 21st century. Today, many are inspired by Marie Kondo’s writings about discarding things that don’t “spark joy” and living with only what’s essential for us. We have discussed some techniques to redesign your interior with minimal objects. Following these suggestions can help you escape the clutches of consumerism that’s ever-hungry for more products.

Kravelv is a full time digital marketer and part time furniture and cabinet maker. During his free time he would like to create something out of recycled woods, this varies from toys, furnitures plant boxes etc. Follow him on Twitter | Pinterest | Facebook