Your Guide to the Most Popular Design Styles

Last Updated on November 4, 2021 by Kravelv

One of the most difficult aspects of home decoration is defining your personal style. You know what you like when you see, but you don’t quite know how to incorporate it in your living space and turn it into a coherent a design. The first step is to identify the style of your home or what you want it to be in case you are moving house to a new place. That is why we’ve compiled a complete guide with the most trending designs right now. Take a look at the decor styles that are currently dominating the interior design world.


It’s almost impossible to not fall in love with the simplistic, pure and beautiful Scandinavian decor. This populist, minimalist look incorporates clean lines, warm functionality and unmatchable elegance.  Scandinavian homes are defined by the earthy or neutral tones and the minimal ornamentation.  In terms of furniture, don’t think only of IKEA.  Scandinavian decor offers many possibilities. Your primary aim is to create clean, yet versatile decor.

Most Popular Design Styles - Scandinavian

Mid-Century Modern

Sophisticated, yet somewhat laid-back and homey, Mid-Century Modern brings back the 50’s vibes. There is an evolving trend among many homebuyers to look for houses from this period. The reason is simple– relocation to a unique and custom made place. If you haven’t found such estate you can at least incorporate Mid-Century Modern into your decor. This style combines dark neutral tones and saturated accent shades.  Get furniture with clean, straight lines with smooth, curved angles. The primary material is wood. You can use fibreglass and metal to create contrast. As for the details, pick accessories with abstract and asymmetrical patterns.

Most Popular Design Styles - Mid century modern

Industrial Modern

This here-to-stay design trend brings us back to the industrial age. You can see exposed brick elements, raw metal and darker shades. The rustic wood pieces are typical for Industrial Modern design. You can make it more contemporary by emphasizing on the cooper –tone decorations.  If you are moving house to a loft apartment or a modern home, this style is ideal for you.

Most Popular Design Styles - Industrial modern


Experimental, versatile and light, Bohemian style or Boho is usually associated with the free spirited and artistic individuals. The design incorporates bright colours, especially purple and red tones.  Boho style may be hard to recreate as you need to present a purposefully messy look.  You can achieve the casual and artistic design by mixing and matching colours and layering textiles and details.

Most Popular Design Styles - Bohemian

Contemporary Chic

Modern interiors were perceived for a long time as cold, minimalist and uninviting. In reality, current contemporary designs are welcoming and comforting, without the hassle of a cluttered space. You can easily achieve the look by sticking to some basic rules. Contemporary design is defined by simplicity, sophistication, clean lines and texture. Focus on shape and colour to define and showcase the space, rather than the things in it.

Most Popular Design Styles - contemporary chic


Homey and inviting, this charming style can offer you an airy yet intimate place. With its vintage and nostalgic look, cottage design will only get better in time. Warm stained wood, creamy pastel colours and dreamy details characterize this cosy style. There are many variation of cottage design, but the main thing is to create a well-lived in look.

Most Popular Design Styles - cottage

Shabby Chic

Shabby chic seemingly looks like a crossover between the cottage –style and boho, but it takes it to another level. The soft and opulent, yet cottage like design includes heavily painted items, faux painting and furniture that looks antique.

Most Popular Design Styles - shabby chic

The fabrics tend to be linens and cotton. Shabby chic is inspired by the rich and high-end French style decors. If you need moving and packing tips:

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