Water Feature Pump 101

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When you think of an outdoor water feature, you probably think of a large fountain, aquarium, or small decorative pool. These features can give your lawn an impressive and elegant look. But do you know how these features work?

Thanks to water feature pumps, today, everyone can enjoy the sound of water splashing in their yards. Let’s see what a water pump is and how these pumps work.

What is a Water Feature Pump?

Water feature pumps are great investments that offer many benefits for homeowners. 

What is a water feature pump, exactly?

Water feature pumps are devices that move fluids. When the fluids speed up, the machine starts to create a low pressure, therefore forming a vacuum bubble.

As the water moves, the outlet undergoes higher pressure, and it automatically pushes the water.

By performing mechanical operations, water pumps consume energy and move the fluids using various sources like electricity, engine, wind power, or manual operation.

Today, these pumps find high usage as water fountain pumps and are perfect for any outdoor space and garden. The water fountains can either create a fantastic waterfall effect or spray water high into the air.

The pumps provide a nice touch in a lawn or garden and can keep your yard aerated. 

How Does It Work?

There are different types of water pumps, but they all work the same way. 

All water feature pumps have a reservoir from which they draw water and to which the same water returns, thus creating a circuit.

The pump works submerged in the reservoir, and a spinning impeller draws water into the pump.

When you switch the water pump on, the impeller starts to rotate, making the water around it also rotates. This rotation passes on centrifugal power to the water, drawing water in one end and moving it out the other end.

The low pressure helps in sucking the water into the system. Most pumps have a water-flow mechanism to control and regulate the flow of water.

The primary purpose of water pumps is to move water from one place to another. Water pumps work great for draining water from a low flooded area, refilling a bathtub or swimming pool, for circulating fertilizers, or for merely beautifying your lawn.

A water feature can liven up any lawn or garden space. For example, a fountain allows you to enjoy the pleasant sounds of splashing water without worrying about expensive water bills.

Considerations Before Buying It

Before buying a pump for your water feature, there are a few things you need to consider. 

Water feature type

Pumps designed for outdoor use and water features have characteristics of pressure requirements, flow rate, and water feature types.

For waterfalls and standard water features, the water should circulate once every hour. Stocked ponds should have a water circulation rate of once to two times every hour, and those without fish can have a rate of once every two hours.

Water feature volume

Logically, larger volumes need larger water pumps. To determine the volume of a fountain or pond, multiply the length by depth and width. For example, for a 200-gallon water feature, you will need a pump with a flow rate of 100 GPH or gallons per hour. 

Easy to clean

Before buying a water pump, think about how easy it is to clean it. During the winter, water can get slimy. As a homeowner, you need to know how to drain it and clean out the debris from the pump correctly.

Find a pump that is easy to clean and maintain. 

Consider the style of the features

Most modern features such as glass, steel, or stainless steel suit both modern and traditional gardens. Older styles, however, don’t look good in modern gardens. Millstones and cherubs are older styles, and you should think about whether you want to add them to your outdoor space.

Is it suitable for children

If you have small children or pets, you need to consider their safety before treating yourself with a water feature pump. Small children or pets can easily drown, so we highly recommend you find a feature pump with no exposed water.

You can choose a smaller water feature, and once your children grow up, you can change it for a bigger one.


Water feature pumps have been and likely will be popular for years to come. Now that you know what a water feature pump is and how it works, are you considering the option of buying one?
An outdoor water feature will add beauty to your surroundings. Whether you want to buy a large fountain or a small garden pond, a water feature is a piece of art and will become the centrepiece of your garden. Visit Aquapro to get your the best water feature pump for you.

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