7 Refreshing Ways To Begin Your New Home Interior Decoration

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Moving into a new home is always something to be excited about. That feeling of starting out once again to experience life in a brand new way amidst a new environment and new next door neighbours. But what’s more exciting is, planning out how to redecorate your home again. You would definitely want to add something new and refreshing this time to your place, whether it is applying a fresh coat of paint color or buying new furniture…it is a plan that you enjoy no matter how stressful it might seem to be.

It’s true that planning out how to decorate your new home is exhausting. There are so many works to do and so many things that you need to shift from your old house to your new house. Seems to require a lot of organizational plans, sticking to a budget, a lot of energy as well as time. You might even ask your friends and family acquaintances for ideas and suggestions as well. That is why, here are some tips that have been compiled below to help you out if you need some advice from the expert’s mouth, on how to make your new home decoration plans organized, convenient, affordable and of course, beautiful.

Tips To Help You Give Your Home Decoration a Brand New Start

#1 – Sketch Out a Preliminary Budget Plan

Since starting out with your new home decoration is a big task and involves many things, chances are that you might end up messing things up. But you can avoid that and carry things out in a more organized way, if you can sketch out a pre-budget plan. Look over your floor plan and decide which type of furniture would suit with your rooms and are worth investing upon, choose your color palette, the draperies, places where you might feel the need to skimp and other essential things like fixing, plumbing, lighting,etc.


A more organized plan can help figure out things quickly and make things hassle free and convenient for you.

#2 – Give Priority to Things More Important

Prioritizing your needs based on the available budget and the time can help you row things smoothly through the tide. If you find that everything in your new home is working fine and do not require any fixation or renovation, then you shift your focus to other things like choosing new furnitures and other interior home decorations. On the other hand, if you indeed have some major repairing and plumbing problems, then you might think of alternatives for your home interior design and furniture that can fill up your home decoration project. And there are plenty of options that can work just like brand new ones. For example, if buying new furniture for your new home is turning out to be too expensive and unaffordable, have you thought about buying recycled or remanufactured Office Cubicles Irvine CA furniture and interior designs? Buying them would not only make things budget convenient, but you can in fact help conserve the environment and even reduce waste production. That is because, these remanufactured furniture can save upto 85 – 90 percent of energy compared to the production of new ones. This could explain why they are affordable and budget friendly. Besides, most of these recycled furniture come with state-of-the-art powder coat, which are free from volatile organic compounds (VOC) and are environment friendly.

#3 – Hire a Pro

You can hire an interior decoration expert who can help you around in case you are not sure how to go around with your home decoration plans. This one comes with a little bit of pocket pinch. However, if you can afford it, why not go for it. You can reach out experts who can give you a wide knowledge as to how to pick up the right color palette ideal for your home environment and the right kind of draperies to give a head start to your home décor. They can figure out and measure the right functionality of a particular room and offer a wide selection of furniture ideas that are modern and can suit your lifestyle.

interior decorator

A beginner’s tip would be to start your home décor with something you love the most.

#4 – Blending Old With New

Don’t just begin purchasing everything new. If there are furniture that you know work just as good as new and don’t require any replacement, then keep them. If you are planning to move out to a place that is far away from your old house, then carrying every furniture to your new place sounds illogical and inconvenient. You can instead pick out the ones that you think are worth taking and put the rest up for sale. You can instead buy new furniture and blend them up with your old ones.

Old furniture are pieces that come with their own home personality and depth and can add up to your new home, thus building up an altogether different ambience.

#5 – Start With the Basics

There might be times, when you might not be able to pull all strings together financially and environmentally. But just chill and begin with the basics first. You can invest a lot of time and money to choose the things you want the most and then you can decide what next to invest upon.

It’s never too easy and you need to carry things out steady and coolly. But then, with all the fun and excitement of starting out new; tiredness sounds like a far cry.


Author Bio:

Jessica Parker is an interior room decoration expert and runs her own agency now. She can provide you some of the best and the most interesting ideas to prep up your home, while maintaining a balance between the design and space aesthetics.


Kravelv is a full time digital marketer and part time furniture and cabinet maker. During his free time he would like to create something out of recycled woods, this varies from toys, furnitures plant boxes etc. Follow him on Twitter | Pinterest | Facebook

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