Keeping Your Home Warm Through the Winter

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A roof plays a huge role in protecting the inhabitants of a home, especially during the freezing winter months. It not only keeps snow and harsh winds at bay, but also prevents heat from escaping. But if you’re wondering why you’re still feeling cold inside your home despite turning the heaters to the highest possible settings, then there could also be a problem or two  elsewhere in the home that is letting heat escape. Here are a few simple yet effective ways to ensure that your home stays warm throughout winter.

Inspect your roof before winter sets in

The best way to ensure that your home stays warm in winter is to prepare for the cold weather.   At least a month or two before, take the time to inspect your roof for damage. Make sure that all the gutters and downspouts are free of debris that could cause pooling and ice dam formation. Look for any loose or missing shingles and have them repaired. Also, check the roof insulation to make sure that it is still intact.
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Weather-protect your home

Heat can also escape through the doors, windows, and exterior electrical outlets, so make sure that the weatherstripping has not been damaged; replace as necessary. Exterior electrical outlets and switches also need to be insulated to prevent the cold from coming in through the electrical lines.

Your walls can develop small cracks over time, so inspect them carefully, and caulk over any open areas.

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Prevent pipes from freezing

The cold can seep in practically anywhere – even through  your pipes. In fact, frozen pipes are one of the most common culprits of heat loss, which is why you’ll need to do all you can to prevent your pipes from freezing.

If your roof needs insulation, so do your pipes. Check all your exposed pipes to make sure that the insulation is still in place. Faucets that are outside the home also need to be insulated. Make sure that the outside pipes are clear of water by blowing fresh air through the lines.

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You’ll also need to prepare emergency heating equipment, such as a blow dryer or heat gun, to thaw out frozen pipes before they burst.

Think about your roof color

Not many people realize that the roof color also plays a role in maintaining a home’s internal temperatures. Light-colored roofs are great for keeping a home cool during the hot summer months. Dark-colored roofs help to keep it warm during winter. If you’re having more problems keeping the home warm during winter than keeping it cool during summer, you might want to consider choosing a darker color for your roof.

Call the professionals

If you’ve done everything you can but still can’t figure out why the home still feels cold during winter, then it’s time that you call in the professionals. Have your roof and the rest of the home inspected for areas where heat can be leaking out and have the problems fixed before the next cold spell comes.

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