Ways to Maximize your Room Design with Carpets

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Ways to Maximize your Room Design with Carpets 1These days, decorating your home is as easy as doing a quick search online and finding ideas that will work for your space. From color schemes to DIY furniture projects, you can easily maximize your room design with a few creative ideas from the experts. If you’re shopping for a new carpet that will enhance the overall look of your rooms, here are a few design tips to keep in mind.

Brighten your space up with color

Ways to Maximize your Room Design with Carpets 2

Just because most homeowners choose neutral shades for their carpeting, doesn’t mean that you can’t give your flooring a bit of a wow factor. If you want to instantly update the look of your room, look for a carpet in a brighter shade. But remember to keep furniture and room accents simple if you don’t want your space to come off a tad too dramatic.

Keep it cozy with neutral shades

Ways to Maximize your Room Design with Carpets 3

If you’re more interested in keeping things cozy, it’s probably best to stick to neutral colors. Having a neutral carpeting scheme is a great way to create a sense of calm in any room, and at the same time, maintain an overall cohesive and coherent look for your home. According to carpet cleaning Adelaide experts, carpets in neutral shades are also much easier to clean up than those that come in brighter shades.

Make a statement with patterned classics

For those who want to add a unique sophistication to their home, carpets in classic patterns can make a noticeable statement in any room. Arabian inspired prints or elaborate floral patterns are perfect for those who want to add understated class to their design theme.

Ways to Maximize your Room Design with Carpets 4

Widen your small area with stripes

Ways to Maximize your Room Design with Carpets 5

Want to create an illusion of a wider room or a bigger area in your home? Then choose a carpet with neutral colored stripes. These carpets will work especially well in halls and other narrow areas that you want to look bigger.

Offset white walls with bold stripes

Ways to Maximize your Room Design with Carpets 6

Even though white walls will always look in fashion, you can add extra interest to a white room just by choosing a bold striped carper. Bold stripes simply look stunning against plain white walls, especially if you choose a tasteful color scheme.

Assign areas with bordered carpets

Ways to Maximize your Room Design with Carpets 7

If you’re working with an area that you want to divide into smaller parts, you can use bordered carpets to separate different areas. Large rugs with stylish borders can be used to set specific areas without having to set up walls.

Mix and match your carpets for added kitsch

Ways to Maximize your Room Design with Carpets 8

While most interior designers prefer simple flooring schemes, there are some who like to add kitsch to their themes. If you want to incorporate different carpets to your home, feel free to mix and match different colors, textures, and patterns for added kitsch. You can easily add interest to any area by using two or more different carpets on your floor.

The darker your carpets, the more drama

Ways to Maximize your Room Design with Carpets 9

As a general design rule, the darker you’re flooring is, the more drama it will create. If you’re leaning towards a chic and refined aesthetic, a dark carpet is probably your best bet.

Whether you see yourself as traditionalist or trendy, there is a carpet out there that will help take your room design to a whole new different level. It’s up to you to choose carpeting that would best suit your taste and lifestyle.



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