Plumbing Checklist – Home Maintenance

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There are various things that need to be done, and checked to maintain your home and keep everything running smoothly. Plumbing is one of the aspects to keep your home maintained throughout the year. Here you can find the plumbing checklist that helps you keep away from the freaky and awful situations and unnecessary plumbing problems.

First of all, you need to evaluate the total number of pipes and appliances that are included in the system, including the pipes operates sinks, toilets, bathtubs and showers in the bathroom. It may also include laundry facilities for your drains, utility sinks and bathrooms in your home.

Here is the plumbing checklist

  • Check the leakage signs of exposed pipes of your home and look for the puddle of watermarks
  • Check the corrosion signs cause leakage
  • Look for the signs of bad pipe connections if not properly installed- you can check the green stains around the copper fittings and yellow stains on an old pipe of steel.
  • Check the pressure of the water with how much force the water comes out of the faucets as low water pressure may be the signs of water line problem or may be a sign of sediment build up in the shower head or faucet.

Check this Infographic by ARS Ltd will help you with preventative care and maintenance of your home’s plumbing and maintenance.

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