Room Decor Ideas for Teens

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Decorating your room can be tricky especially if you want it to look unique and represent your style. Here are some easy and inexpensive tips and tricks through which you can spice up your room. Happy decorating!

DIY three-tier Jewelry Display

DIY three-tier jewelry display

This jewelry display is an easy way to organize your jewelry and keep it from tangling. So, to make your own jewelry organizer you need some plates that you can find at a thrift store, some candlesticks and very strong holding glue. Make sure that each of your plates is a different size. Take the candlestick and glue it to the largest plate that you have then glue the top of the candlestick and apply for the medium-sized plate. Take the second candlestick, glue the bottom of it and stick it on top of the second plate. Then glue the top of the stick and put the smallest plate you have on it. Now you have a fabulous way of organizing your jewelry and a beautiful decor piece for your room.

DIY Nail Station

This is a really cute way of organizing your nail polishes if you’re always losing them. You’re going to need a shoebox cover, some stickers, a hole punch, and some nail care supplies. Start off by cutting your stickers into tiny little squares or rectangles. Then take one nail polish at a time and just swipe a little dot on the sticker. Then take your hole punch and punch over each little nail polish dot that you made until you have a bunch of little cutouts. Then peel off the back of the sticker and stick it to the cap of the matching nail polish. It’s going to make it a lot easier for you to see the colors of the nail polish when they are stored in the box. Now fill up the shoebox cover with all of your nail polishes and other nail care supplies.

School Supplies Organizer


School supplies organizer

To make this toilet roll organizer you’re going to need some toilet rolls, shoe boxes, gift wrapping paper, and glue. If your shoebox isn’t pretty then wrap it up with some gift paper. You can also paint the toilet paper rolls if you’d like to. Start off by pouring some glue on a piece of paper, dip the toilet rolls in it and then very carefully place all of the rolls in the shoebox so that they don’t fall when you move the box around. Now store all of your pens, pencils, sharpies and markers in it and voila! You’ve a great way to keep all of those little things organized and it makes a very pretty decor item for your room.

Area Rugs

An area rug can tie together the color scheme of your whole room. Teenagers mostly get small rooms and a correct size area rug can make a small room look spacious. Check out beautiful hand made oriental rugs online.

Confetti Garland

confetti garland

For the confetti garland, you’re going to need some twine, tissue paper, and some scissors. So basically fold your tissue paper in half and then you’re going to fold it again and again. Use your scissors, leave two inches on top uncut, and cut the rest of the paper. Unfold it and cut it in half and unfold it again and cut it in half. Now you’re going to have four pieces like this. Loop these pieces through your twine and you have your confetti garland. You can basically use any colors that you want.


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