Xfinity Home Security vs ADT – A Detailed Comparison

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While thinking of the security at home or in an industry dealing with automation, the two most honorable names that brim up our minds are – Xfinity and ADT.

Xfinity Home

Xfinity Home provides overall security exclusively for your home. Xfinity is a subsidiary of the Comcast Corporation, one of the biggest cable suppliers of the country. Xfinity was founded in the year of 1981 on April 2. The CEO of the company is David N. Watson. The headquarters are located at Philadelphia in Pennsylvania of The United States of America. The subsidiary companies are Comcast Business, LLC, Epproach Communications of NC, and many. Read our Xfinity Home Security Review.


ADT is an American company. It also provides electronic security for home and business units. It is a part of the giant company named Apollo Global Management. ADT was founded in the year of 1874, and the founder was Edward A. Calahan. The headquarters are at Boca Raton in Florida of The United States of America. ADT Corporation acts as a holding company to many subsidiary companies like ADT US Holdings, Defenders, Electro Signal Lab Inc., ADT Holdings, etc. Read our ADT Home Security Review

A Detailed Comparison

For a detailed analysis of the best one to opt for, we need to introspect every detail of these two products closely. The comparison not only means to point out the differences between the two products but also to understand the similarities that both of them possess.

Similarities between Xfinity and ADT

  1. Security Quality

Both provide high-quality security for a home with twenty-four hours of close monitoring and deliver up-to-date automation for homes.

  1. Installation

You cannot do it by yourself in each case, but you will require an installation done by the professional team.

  1. Period of Contract

The term for the contract is long for both cases. The minimum period of the contract is two years and can be extended even more as per requirements.

  1. Market Penetration and Dominance

Both of these companies are pretty dominant in the market and have deep penetration and pockets.

Based on these similarity criteria, you can now identify the remaining features of these two companies’ products, which must be analyzed in detail to make an effective comparison between the two. And based upon the thorough analysis, it will be easier for you to decide which one to select and go for installation.

Differences between Xfinity and ADT

Rate of Influence based upon the Age


Comcast has Installed Xfinity Home in 2011, and it is growing towards popularity at rocket speed. Comcast is undoubtedly a huge business organization and has spent a glorifying period of 55 years in the world market.


Eighteen thousand employees are working in the organization. It has 7 million consumers. Even though ADT is not as great as Comcast concerning revenue, the impact of ADT cannot be under meant.

Product built and design


  • It provides 24 hours of supervision.
  • Xfinity Home app is used for controlling and accessibility of mobiles.
  • Many other modern and smart devices are provided along with Zen Thermostat.
  • The product is designed in a way that ensures a smoke-free environment.
  • It provides customized home protection service and mechanization rules.


  • It also ensures twenty-four hours of supervision.
  • The product provides both the systems- the landline as well as cellular systems.
  • It even provides the mobile app of Nifty to get control and accessibility of remotes.
  • The product is also designed with a unique sensor system that a friendly towards pets.
  • Not only that, but the product also provides a mechanism for monitoring the environment in the smartest possible way and modernized manner.
  • If you bring this product at your home, it can provide an extensive and in-depth mechanism for your home in the security front.

These products offer the best technologies, automation, and modernized features and technicality than any other products available in the market. These make the product usage very easy and simple, allowing you to provide a total and trustworthy security for your family, keeping all your tensions regarding family protection at bay.

Controlling and Monitoring Process


This product is designed to provide its users with a package called Xfinity Home Secure. It gives premium quality of home security. Xfinity provides this package with all its existing customers who use the cable or internet service or telephone service. The billing is combined along with the existing bill. The cost that you need to incur for this package is very simple. There is no initial cost for this package. Still, in the first year, you have to incur a cost of $29.99 per month, and in the second year, you have to pay an amount of $39.99 per month, which is very nominal compared to any other high-quality home security prices in the market.


ADT gives you four packages for security monitoring. The value ranges from $ 27.99 per month, which provides very basic and normal security service, to $ 60 per month that provides very niche and fast security services with the most premium quality for your home. You can also top up with cost incurrence at $ 58 per month if you induce mobile connectivity and video option.

Monitoring every fraction of second is a very critical issue. An eagle’s eye watch on your home keeps the thieves miles away from your house. So critically analyze the monitoring and controlling part and then go for the product of your choice.



It offers wireless security for your dwelling place. But a security provider without the use of any wires requires a premium quality of internet connection with a very high level of speed. The system even provides the cellular back up facility and battery back up too. The rest of the services is offered with much-desired internet connectivity.


The high-end ADT packages are all cellular-based. The system is operated by using the action of a cell tower located in the nearby area, very much similar to that of a mobile phone. This kind of connection is very premium and high quality than the hookups of any router and landline. ADT also provides an added offer of a landline system with a most modernized and upgraded quality of hardwiring for only $27.95 per month.

Compared to any other router service, the job that these two companies deliver regarding security is just out of the world because, in this case, the trust and reliability are quite high and well maintained and controlled under super vigilance.

Added Tools for Security


Xfinity Home has certain security equipment that is provided to ensure more safety for its clients. The related equipment types that Xfinity offers include Zen Thermostat, Smoke Detector, Modern Outlet Controller, Sensors, and indoor-outdoor security camera and night vision. These tools are provided along with the basic equipment types, including a touch screen controller, a motion detector, a wireless attachable and non-attachable keypad, and entryway sensors.


The security tools that ADT offers a client apart from basic equipment types are three types of sensors (glass break sensors, additional sensors, and environmental sensors), indoor-outdoor cameras and the night vision property, and the doorbell camera, a two-way voice adaptor. The basic package of equipment consists of a sensor that is an invisible contagious spectrum to motion, a wireless keyboard, sensors at the entryway, and a pivotal security hub.

The main advantage that these two products have over the other products in the market is that they provide additional sensors for the safety and security and tight protection of your dwelling place and the basic equipment kit.

Product Quality


The equipment provided by Comcast is noteworthy than other products offered by other companies in the markets. Customers seem to complain about the fake alarms or some other defects in the devices, but such is not the case when Xfinity product is considered.


ADT has alliances with highly reputed and prestigious esteemed manufacturers like Honeywell and General Electric Corporations. So the mechanism provided by the ADT is commendable and makes it stand out of the rest in the world market.

Based on the comparison between these two esteemed security home products, all that can be said that Xfinity offers eye catchy attributes, and ADT offers products of supreme quality.



Xfinity manufactures some of the smart devices, and the rest of the pieces of equipment are designed by companies like Phillips, Nest, August, and Kwikset, with which Xfinity has an alliance. All these products, like Thermostat control or door locks or tiny lights, are assembled and then provided to the customers who can enjoy the integrated appliances for home security and protection.


ADT also offers the same products as the remote lights or garage doors’ opener, just like the Xfinity security equipment for houses.

The only difference between these two companies’ products is that ADT products are a little bit high priced than the Xfinity products for home Security.



For installing the system in your house, you cannot go to do it yourself process under the Xfinity system. You have to call in a team of professionals or technicians by seeking a prior appointment to install the system. For this, you might need to pay the installation charges that are very minimal compared to that of others prevailing in the market.


Just like Xfinity, the ADT also induces installation that requires a team of technicians and professionals and cannot be installed by the customer himself.

The comparison between the two, which can be inferred, is that the client has to pay an installation charge of $99 to $199 for ADT.

But it is high on demand that the customers are looking forward to a do it by yourself installation process of security system at residence.

Service to Clients


Service to the clients is a prime factor of consideration in the case of Xfinity. They consider the clients to be their God. Keeping in view the purchasing capacity of the buyers, the pricing is the gleaming factor. Moreover, the technician team that goes for installing the system also charges moderately and well behaved.


ADT is also famous for its customer service, and they are also trying to take the service at a supreme level by inducing some innovations in this front.

Both companies focus on their customers and consider their service to be one of their most pivotal parts. Customers always look for high graded service from any of such reputed companies. And these two companies know how to win the hearts of the market and become a sustainable and profitable brand.

Contractual Agreement


In this case, the customers’ contractual agreement for the installation of a home security system is only two years with a monthly wise payment. There is no upfront cost involved.


Here, the contractual agreement regarding home security installation is either for two years or three years. Here also, there is no upfront cost involved. The cost, in this case, is paid on a rental basis. ADT also provides half-yearly money-back assurance to its customers.

ADT offers the customers to return the product within the first six months and get a cover-up for the customer’s controlling expenses. But there are certain clauses to it which must be carefully taken into consideration by the buyers.



The incurrence cost is less, but customers expect a mandatory waive off of the installation charge too. In the first year, the price is $29.99 per month, and without any upfront cost, which is a gleaming factor to the customers.


ADT is pretty expensive. The installation charge is $99 to $199, and even the monthly expense ranges from $40 to $60 (averagely, it is $30).

Final Words

Considering all the details of Xfinity and ADT products, it can be stated that it’s better to go for Xfinity Home for home use, but for the business purpose, it is better to opt for ADT installation. So, consider your requirements and get the one that generates real value against your hard-earned money!!

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