ADT Home Security – A Detailed Synopsis

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

ADT is one of the pioneers in the field of home security. It has an experience of 140 years in the business. If you are concerned about home security and want to customize as it per your requirement, ADT can provide you with one of the best solutions in the industry.

Nowadays, as most of the homes are becoming smart homes, the security features need to be highly customized. The security system must sync well with smart devices and home management system installed in the home.

ADT Comes With Some Of The Best Features To Ensure The Security Of Your Home:

Key features of ADT home security system

  • Digital Panel – Arm or disarm your security systems and smart devices becomes controllable through the touch-based digital panel.
  • Entry Contact –Unwanted intrusion and burglar attacks can be prevented through sirens which set off by powerful door and window sensors.
  • Wireless Key management –One-touch button-based disarmament of security the system once you get back to home.
  • Motion Detectors –With especial packages motion detectors are provided which can track motion and depending on your entry or exit from the room switches on or off the lights. They can activate security cameras on if programmed in a way when they detect suspicious action.
  • The ADT Mobile App– Nowadays, our lives are controlled by mobile apps. Through ADT App you can keep your home security at your fingertips –
  1.    Through App control email alerts and text alerts can be activated
  2.    Control your home from a remote location
  3.     Managing Z wave enabled devices from the app
  • 24×7 Expert monitoring– ADT systems are (and in effect, ADT Households are professionally monitored). Thus in case of burglary, an ADT professional would immediately report the same to Police.

ADT does depend a lot on third parties, which gives high versatility in terms of providing service and convenience. Moreover, one major advantage of ADT is integration capability with smart home managers like Z-Wave, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant.

ADT Major Features:

Connection Option:

In terms of connect options, it has two options: Landline and Cellular connection.

Cellular is a better option, coupled with smart home support. For this, you will have to subscribe ADT Command plan.


As time is passing service contracts are getting obsolete. But in the case of ADT, there is a 36month contract lock-in. Major competitors like Vivint, Frontpoint, etc. are not binding its customers to any contract nowadays.

But on the other hand, a contract can reassure traditional customers. It assures you that you are getting what you are paying for. But on the installation day keep your calm and don’t fall for ADTs expensive add on services. These are good but can jack up your cost by quite a margin. Thus if you cannot afford it ignore it.

Detailed features of ADT Command:

  • Cellular connection and battery backup
  • Better control of smart home devices (including smart locks, smart lights)
  • ADT Control mobile app – the perfect app to manage your home from a remote location
  • Great integration with Google Assistant and Alexa
  • Live video streaming on your phone through the app.

The ADT Mobile App – is your perfect companion to manage your smart home and smart security system.

Professional installation – Security is something where you don’t take chances. It is not wise to see some YouTube DIY videos and do your security system installation. Anything goes wrong; your life and property would be at stake. The main advantages are the following –

  • Professionals are doing this for you
  • No guesswork … professionals know better which doors and windows are targeted more by burglars
  • It will be perfect installation … no false alarm

ADT Home Security Pros:

  1. Though ADT generally uses standard security devices, ADT Command package involves full home automation and control. ADT provides end to end solutions including flood sensor, smart light, door and window sensors, decent outdoor and indoor cameras everything.
  2. ADT’s cameras can record footage of up to 1080p HD. They are equipped with two-way audio, motion detection, and night vision powered by infrared.
  3. The doorbell camera also offers HD video recording

ADT Home Security Cons

  1. ADT’s cameras don’t have AI features like face detection, spotlights or built-in sirens.
  2. Doorbell camera lacks face recognition.
  3. Installation is a bit expensive.

The home automation system of ADT is outstanding. It has a full home automation capability. In today’s smart homes, this is one key feature everyone would look for. The home automation system supports Z Wave and added features like smart locks, thermostats, smart lights, and so on.

The only thing is this comes with an additional ADT command plan. But this is a really good package to go for. It is not very cheap but worth the money spent due to the facilities that come with it. ADT Command gives much better equipment, better integration, and better features than any competition.


Experience matters!! ADT is one of the oldest, most experienced, and most reputable ones in the business of security products. ADT alarm system is the best in the industry.

The equipment is not very high end. But has a varied range and thus can take care of a lot of necessities. ADT Command plan’s touchscreen keypad and mobile app solve a lot of problems of the basic version.

Cameras can record HD footage but don’t have fancy AI-powered face recognition features. In addition, it’s simply amazing when it comes to integrating home automation.

The great professional installation which is a little expensive but worth going ahead with the experts rather than experimenting with security.

Monitoring is super easy with the ADT cellular plan.  Moreover, ADT has offers varied customer experience. Hence, if you’re looking for a dynamic, perfect home security system, count on ADT unhesitatingly! It will definitely help you in justifying your investment to the fullest!!