How to Make Sure Your Home is Pet Friendly?

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Pets require a lot of intensive care and time just like humans do. In fact if possible, they should be kept in a comfortable and friendly environment just like the one you would like to live in. While moving in to homes, most people do not consider their pets’ comfort or safety. It is advisable to breed your pets in an environment where there are fewer hazards that might cause bodily harm or illnesses to them.

There have been several reported cases where animals were exposed to toxins or died through accidents such as objects falling on them or fire-related incidences. The owner needs to identify the likely household items to take precautions with or better yet keep away from pets’ reach as often possible.

So how can one make their home pet friendly? Keeping your animals safe and comfortable is your responsibility, and here are some of the measures you should take:


Put yourself in your pets’ shoes

The first step is to try to think like your pets. What areas are your pets likely to access? The best way is to go down on all four limbs and conduct your inspection. Some of the hazards to keep a lookout for are;

* Electrocution, strangulation or choking hazards. All sockets can be concealed by placing either your sofas or chairs strategically to prevent pets from accessing them. Cover all wires and cables nicely. Keep your home free of any strangulation hazards such as loose clothing especially if you are a dog owner.

* Do away with ladders that pets can use to climb up to elevated areas like counter tops or table tops. Pets may injure themselves if they happen to fall from such areas.


* Keep your trash can clean at all times daily; this is because pets might rummage through the trash can and access chicken bones which pose a huge threat of choking them to death. Also note that fruit seeds also pose a huge risk to dogs since they contain contaminants that may result in kidney failure.

* For cat lovers, it is advisable to implement the use of an automatic cat feeder. This is to make sure that your cat can access its food easily without having to climb up elevated areas or ovens. It also ensures a continuous flow of food for your cat.

* Make sure the plants you keep in the house are pet friendly too. Plants like lilies contain toxins that may cause kidney failure in cats. Other known toxic plants include, poinsettia, Aloe Vera or amaryllis.

* Always keep your toilet lid down. Keeping it down eliminates the dangers of poisoning and drowning.

* Bird owners should place the cage away from the window and radiators to keep the birds from direct exposure to heat and radiation. Placing the cage away in a corner also reduces the risk of your feathery friend getting attacked by your dog or cat if you have multiple pets. The bird will feel more secure living in a corner as it won’t worry about protecting itself from any potential predator.

* Avoid the use of carpets, but if a must you use them, make sure you go for a color that matches the fur of your pets. Fur will camouflage with the carpet’s color that will avoid your home from looking too messy in the events your pets shed some fur.

Keep an eye on the yard

Another important aspect to keep in mind is your yard. It is advisable to keep it clean and carry out pest control measures regularly to reduce flea and tick infestation. Also keep on the lookout for any toxic plants growing on your yard. Plants such as azaleas, ferns and ivies pose a health risk to your pets. Pet-friendly plants include bamboo or catnip.

Think in terms of space

Space is also a crucial aspect to your pet’s comfort. They also need a place to relax and sleep that is private and cozy. Choose a quiet corner that is out of direct sunlight and make sure that it is a place in the house that you wouldn’t mind if it gets dirty. Make sure you place a food or water bowl in this area, which your pets can easily access.


Choose durable fabrics.

A good example is velvet. Unlike woven fabrics like linen or tweed, velvet is much suitable for withstanding harsh activities. Cats have a tendency of scratching the sofas. Velvet is way much durable and won’t tear easily.


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