Xfinity Home Security – An Honest Review

Last Updated on March 16, 2023 by Kravelv

Today more and more homes are becoming Smart homes. In the world of smart homes importance of home security is increasing for safekeeping your home from burglary, theft, and hooliganism. Comcast’s Xfinity home is one of the leading players in the business of Smart home security.

It provides a plethora of home security and automation solutions which look after you, your family, and the valuables in your home. With the help of Xfinity’s 24×7 e-security monitoring system, you can actually remotely monitor your home security through a website or the mobile app.

What Does Xfinity Offer?

Xfinity Home security packages come with varying options depending on how much money you are spending and what are your security needs.

The Package includes –

  • Touchscreen
  • Door and Windows sensors
  • Wireless keypads
  • Motion Detectors and
  • cameras

A Central monitoring system is connected Xfinity Home security system through broadband and cellular backup which connects Infinity home today user if Power is lost you and your family are still safe

Xfinity users also have the Liberty of automating their Home security system for saving time and effort. They get text and email alerts if activated. The system gets automatically activated when you go out to work, or for a drive or once go to sleep. As an efficient hone manager, it also ensures you don’t enter a dark house through light controls.

Xfinity can be accessed through multiple devices like your smartphone, tablet, or PC. And most importantly the whole system can be remotely controlled through Xfinity Home App and Xfinity Home Subscriber Portal.

Additional Features available with Xfinity:

  • Live Video Monitoring:

Through the live video monitor features actually you can monitor your home from a remote location. This can be done through your Tab, Notebook, or smartphone. You can take video footage or take snaps that can be downloaded. It requires a camera to be installed

  • 24×7 Video Recording:

You can check the full day’s happenings in and around your home through a full day’s video recording. IF you notice something suspicious around the neighborhood you can accordingly take precautionary methods or inform the authorities if needed.

  • Additional Devices

You can add devices to the base package and unlock additional features that further depend on your system capabilities. Camera, thermostat, light, and door locks can be added to the system for additional protection and augmented benefits like room temperature control from a remote location, etc.

The requirements during Xfinity installation:

  • High-speed internet
  • A computer with internet and web browser
  • Registration in Xfinity … the system can be accessed with proper username and password
  • Emergency contact details
  • There would one authorized signatory for one household who would be ultimately responsible for the account

Pros and Cons of Xfinity Home Security

The third-party home security market is growing fast. As Xfinity is easily compatible with 3rd party devices its it can be used to augment new benefits provided by other 3rd party providers. The easily compatible interface also makes it much easier to monitor.

The Good things first:

  • It’s a combination of a smart easily navigable system which also ensures a safe home
  • Easy App interface which can combine both Xfinity devices and Third-party devices view
  • Money-back guarantee
  • The service is not limited to security anymore. Its home automation services are comparable with exclusive home automation services such as computer security, smart thermostat, mobile phones, etc. Xfinity cannot integrate itself with popular platforms like Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple Homekit. But it has partnered with :
  1. August door lock
  2. Kwikset Door Lock
  3. Chamberlain Garage door opener
  4. Nest Thermostat
  5. Caseta Wireless lighting
  6. Philips Hue Lighting
  7. Sengled Lighting
  8. General Electric Lightning
  • Xfinity gives freedom from the hassle of managing multiple interfaces for the same household.
  • The professional 24×7 security monitoring has direct access to call to Police, firefighters, and ambulances.
  • The Xfinity sensors being completely wireless and thus free from chances of short circuit of wire overload. Also in case of a power cut or loss of web connection Xfinity’s backup battery and backup 3G connection takes over the control
  • Xfinity can also take over previously installed alarm systems and becomes completely compatible with them. This also saves you from installing new devices, a pocket-friendly move.
  • Xfinity’s indoor and outdoor cameras work very well … but the downside is their separate recording fees. The following are the features of the cameras.
Free storage150 images and 150 videos per day for 30 days
Field of vision109°
Two-way talkNo
Night visionYes
Weather resistanceYes

Moreover, other cameras like Nest Cam, Canary Cam, and Arlo Pro can be easily integrated into the Xfinity system.

If someone is looking for a package where he is looking for security, internet, phone, and cable bundling your Xfinity package with Quad Play package can give you great results.

Some are the following benefits of the bundled offer –

  • Usage of X1 DVR to monitor who is calling and security alerts on TV
  • Xfinity’s website can enable you to watch TV on the internet
  • Netflix can be accessed through X1 DVR

Bad things are:

  • Nowadays, service contracts are outdated. Still, Xfinity binds you into three years of service contract … which ensures you are trapped even if you are not satisfied with the service
  • Additional charges for Camera Recording
  • Additional requirement will lead to additional equipment charges which can go out of control


The starter package is good enough for an apartment. But if you are staying in a big bungalow or a villa, you will have to buy more sensors to cover the security of your household. This will add up to the initial investment, and if you don’t choose your third party devices wisely, the cost will shoot up unnecessarily. The camera cost for video recording is extra too. So make yourself a safe home with Xfinity.

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