Ways To Protect Your Home From Burglary

Last Updated on November 15, 2021 by Kravelv

Someone entering your property with the sheer intent of looting it is similar to someone touching you without your permission. Yes, the term to describe the latter is quite heinous, but the feeling the former event delivers is not less. Be it your body or your property, specifically your home – any act of causing harm to it boils the blood to an extreme level. Thus, defending it is your birthright, and you must take every action to save it.

According to a report, burglars strike every 30 seconds. It means every minute; two homes get attacked. Every year, 3.7 million houses are entered into on average. By that rate, sooner or later, your home will be on their radar, and any day or night unexpectedly you might become a victim. You can’t stop criminals from breaking into your home, but you may take steps to prevent them from doing so.

burglar caught on camera

The purpose of these steps is to send a message to thieves that if they try to break into your home, they will be apprehended and handed over to the authorities. The main goal is to instill dread in them that their nasty deeds will no longer be accepted. It is the fear that will keep you safe, and you shall enjoy sound sleep all night and live fearlessly all day long.

Let us look at some safety measures:

1. Think like a Burglar

How frequently do you truly glance at the outside of your house, other than from outside barbecues or mowing the lawn? When it comes to defending your home from break-ins, here is where you should start. Look around the perimeter of your home for any weak spots. Consider yourself a thief. Look for any easy-to-get-to areas, such as low windows, unsecured doors, or tall plants that you can hide behind. ​

Keep pricey electronics out of sight to deter robbers. Hanging shades or drapes to obscure your home’s interior and storing valuables in a secure spot or lockbox are both magnificent ideas. Burglars will find it more hectic to examine the interior of your home and plot an invasion if your windows and doors are covered.

2. Secure your doors and windows

The first and easiest line of protection against intruders is to lock doors and windows, but how many of us do so regularly? Burglars are always on the lookout for easy prey, and an unguarded door or window is just that. It’s a good idea to keep them secure even when you’re at home. Whenever leaving the house, double-check all entrances and windows to be certain they are closed.

3. Home Security Systems

Installing a home security system is one of the most efficient ways to deter burglars and notify you if a break-in has occurred. According to statistics, a home without a security system is three times more likely to be robbed. Intruders will most likely flee if they see a security camera or a sign stating that the house has a security system. You can invest in residential safes to protect your valuables.

4. Keep Shrubbery Neatly Trimmed

Suspected intruders might hide among overgrown shrubs and bushes near your property. Keep plants and bushes clipped and low to the ground to eliminate any potential hiding locations. The fewer cover burglars have, the more likely they are to be caught in the act or discouraged from even attempting a break-in. 

Keep tree limbs clipped back and away from the house if you live in a two-story home. Burglars aren’t afraid to climb a tree to get to a second-floor window.

5. Putting Technology at Work

Security cameras and video surveillance systems are two of the most cost-effective solutions to defend your home’s outside. Criminals are usually deterred simply by the existence of CCTV. In the case of a house invasion, video surveillance can give the evidence required to punish the perpetrators. 

Surveillance cameras help you to keep a view of your home even while you are not present there. Day and nocturnal lenses make it possible to see well in both sunlight and night. ADT cameras, like motion-activated lights, are motion-activated and begin recording the moment they detect movement.

6. Keeping Guns at Hand

Although it is not ethical what burglars are doing is not either. Therefore, possessing a gun for your safety and self-defense is not a crime. No one will judge you for shooting it if somehow you are at that point. You did not mean harm in the first place, but the other person pushed it too hard, and he got what he deserved.

Guns are not toys, and you must keep them at an apt location at a place where nobody else can reach out to them – especially the intruders. Therefore, fire rated gun safes are the best option for it. In an extreme case, your house is on fire with you and the burglar inside, this safe will keep the arms safe, and you can make use of it accordingly.

7. Connect with neighbors

If you will be going for a long time, ask a neighbor to collect your mail and newspapers, shovel your path, and carry your garbage cans in for you. All of these tasks may look trivial, but they all contribute to making your home feel lived in, which deters thieves from preying on an empty property. After all, you can help them out when they go out.


No one wishes to be the subject of a break-in at their house. Using the suggestions on this checklist will deter and prevent criminals, keeping your family and valuables secure. You may start small by focusing on only a few items from this list.

After you have mastered those, you may go on to the rest of the checklist. Each minor modification you make will increase the safety of your house and loved ones. No one likes to feel unsafe in their own home, and those who commit such crimes must be held accountable at all costs.