Peace of Mind: 5 Reasons to Think about a Home Security System

Last Updated on March 29, 2022 by Kravelv

You want the peace of mind in knowing that your family will be okay throughout the night even if a thief or natural disaster comes your way. The best way to protect yourself is with home security systems.

Protection from Intruders

The most popular reason that homeowners choose a security system for their property is to ward off intruders. Statistics show that labeling that comes with security systems is often enough to scare away a thief. In fact, those without such notation are nearly three times more likely to be violated since intruders view homes without protection as easy-picking.

You certainly do not want to return to your residence to find it ransacked because the neighborhood thieves figured out your schedule and knew the best time to break in. Something even worse is the intruder who enters your home with the knowledge that you and the family are inside. His intentions are probably devious and likely to cause bodily harm if carried out.

A home security system then is the immediate barrier between the criminals and yourself. Intruders won’t be so quick to attempt a heist on your property when they know that it is connected to a dispatching service that can quickly inform the local authorities of illegal activity.

The Guard between You and Fires

Too many families are consumed by flames in the middle of the night because of their reliance on faulty smoke detectors. It certainly doesn’t take long for heat to spread. The average small fire has the potential to morph into something uncontainable in 30 seconds or less depending on the environment. Even rooms without fire present imminent danger as the deadly black smoke can restrict oxygen within a matter of minutes.

Making your home fire-resistant is, of course, a matter of ensuring that all smoke detectors work. The act also involves having a home security system that can identify excessive heat immediately and signal for help. Dispatchers with a direct connection to the local fire department can have emergency services at your door faster than any smoke detector that only tells you that there is a fire in the house.

Protection from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a silent killer because of its ability to cause significant bodily harm or death all while being both colorless and odorless. This gas is often found in combustion fumes that power household appliances such as gas range stoves and heating systems.

Every homeowner is encouraged to invest in a carbon monoxide detector, which identifies high levels of the gas. Those with home security systems, though, have the upper hand since many gadgets come equipped with carbon monoxide detecting abilities.

Dizziness is one primary symptom of a person inhaling high levels of carbon monoxide. This sign, however, is often attributed to something else such as exhaustion or excessive stress at work. With the need for evacuation when high levels of carbon monoxide are present and the unlikelihood of individuals realizing the danger, it is essential to have a home security system that can identify high levels of carbon monoxide.

Outside Monitoring from Specialists

You do all that you can to protect the family home, but vacations are open season. It is when you are away from the residence for extended periods that thieves start scoping out your property. It is during these times that the external monitoring becomes crucial.

While dispatchers do not house sit for you, they do notice significant abnormalities and dispatch first responders to help. These skilled professionals can even help in instances where house fires begin in the kitchen or basement. Imagine coming home to a residence that is only mildly damaged instead of wholly destroyed all because you invested in a good home security system.

Discounted Rates on Homeowners Insurance

It is generally understood that those with security systems save more on homeowners insurance than those without the service. How much you keep in your pocket depends on the security system package and, of course, the indemnity company. On average, homeowners with security systems save anywhere from 10 to 20 percent on their bill.

A home security system like one by AMP Security or a similar company is for more than intruders and good looks. These systems can save lives in multiple ways and are a good investment that every homeowner should consider.

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