Why Choose Oak Flooring For Your House?

Last Updated on April 19, 2022 by Kravelv

A home is where we feel relaxed and comfortable. However, to achieve the right ambiance that reflects comfort and coziness, people invest in installing the right furnishings and decor. Among the many things to be considered in designing the decor, flooring takes precedence. It plays a major part in making space look tastefully decorated and inviting. There are many types of flooring that can be chosen, but the ideal option is oak flooring. Read below to find out why!

It comes in Many Versatile Colors

The oak has a gray or brown hue which helps in differentiating it from the other types of woods. Hence it can be used as a standalone flooring type or can be used in combination with other wooden floors. It can be paired with cool tones like yellow or blue and also with the more contemporary taupe and grey. Depending on the type of oak you buy, it compliments with the popular finishes. For example, white oak has no undertones of red or pink and hence does not change the wood finish. 

Appears Beautiful

Oak flooring is naturally beautiful that produces a warm vibe when laid on the surface. It has natural oils in it that will aid in giving a gleaming looking. Experts from https://www.districtfloordepot.com/, explain that the texture of the material is such that, it exudes warmth that is not available in other flooring types. The oak is also highly versatile and can be chemically treated, fumed, burned, or even stained to make it more appealing. This helps add value to the decor and enhances its overall look.

Easy to Maintain

Due to the composition of the wood and its grain structure, it is one of the sturdiest hardwoods available in the market today. It requires less maintenance as it is naturally glossy and does not get easily stained. Leading hardwood sales and installers say that oak flooring is popular, due to its moisture-resistance property. It has a unique grain structure and hence there will be fewer problems due to moisture seeping in. Since it is more water-resistant than other species of wood it is a good wood flooring option for places like kitchen and half-baths. 


Despite the name, not all hardwoods are hard, depending on the species some are harder than the others. That essentially means, not all hardwoods are suitable for flooring as it needs to be sturdy for everyday wear and tear. White oaks are considered ideal for flooring as it has a better hardness rating than others. So there will be fewer dents and cracks and suited for daily use. 


Since the oak flooring offers so many benefits, many think it may not be affordable for everyone. On the contrary, it is long-standing and reasonably priced thereby making it a cost-effective flooring option. Since oak is grown in abundance, the availability of raw material is never an issue. 

Oak flooring provides a classic look that adds to the natural ambiance of your home. It provides the warmth and coziness that homeowners look for. It is an ideal choice for those who want to feel welcomed when getting back home after a long day! 

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