Engineered Wood Flooring, The Ideal Pick for your Floors

Last Updated on April 13, 2022 by Kravelv

Whether you intend it or not, the appearance of your flooring has a substantial effect on the aesthetics of every room. Your choice can make your areas look larger, brighter and warmer or even small, dark and cooler. By simply updating the wood flooring in your home, you can transform it from an ordinary living space to an extraordinarily beautiful sanctuary. The good news is that design options for your flooring are practically endless to help you get the look you desire. For example, tiles come in a wide range of materials in lots of colours, textures, and shapes.

When it comes to floor tiling, there are numerous types to choose from: ceramic, porcelain, glass, cement, marble, mosaic, granite and limestone tiles are among the most popular. However, each has its unique strengths and weaknesses that can make them unsuitable for some purposes and design needs. For example, the basic appearance and availability of your tiles in terms of the colour, shape, and size can make it unworkable for some projects – especially if your design requires certain characteristics, like large or oversize tiles to visually open up a small room.

Your colour choice also changes the feel of the room. Contrasting colours offer a more vibrant feel, while muted colours lean towards a more relaxed environment. Similarly, textures and patterns can powerfully stamp a design aesthetic on your project. Most importantly, you need to make sure the material you choose is long-lasting and fit for purpose. Because when it comes to floor repair projects, you might not find the exact material again. As a result, it might also change the color or feel of the entire room.

Excitingly, many homeowners are turning back to wood to cover their floors in the form of engineered planks. Hardwood floors offer a very warm and attractive look because of the material’s natural beauty right from its first polish. Not only that, but wood flooring is comfortable under-foot, relatively easy to maintain, durable, versatile in application and comes in a wide range of colours. Whether you’re building your dream home or updating an investment property, wood flooring can create an impressive welcoming as well as lift and enhance your home style without finicky overheads. But you don’t need an original hardwood floor to reap the benefits of this outstanding material.

Engineered wood flooring has become a favourite among homeowners as it is more structurally sound, stronger than solid wood of the same thickness, can be more cost-effective and can be placed over concrete surfaces where solid wood cannot. Engineered wood comes in such a wide range that there’s an option to suit almost any budget – but that doesn’t mean you compromise on quality. Engineered wood is more resistant to fluctuations of temperature and humidity than hardwood, and has better sound dampening than floating floors if you’re looking for a truly versatile material then you can’t go past engineered wood.

As it is dimensionally stable and can be installed in different ways like nailing, screwing and gluing. The popularity of engineered wood is at such heights that homeowners can find it in different varieties, like oak, different styles, colours, stains, and finishes.