Things You Must Consider Before Choosing A Hardwood Floor

Last Updated on June 8, 2024 by Kravelv

So, you have decided that you will be installing a hardwood floor, you just need to pick the wood and you will be done with it, easy, enough right? Well that’s the sentiment of many home owners and yet they couldn’t be more wrong.

There are certain places where Hardwood floors are suitable and look good, whilst there are also rooms and situations where a hardwood floor might not be the best choice.

Which Room Will The Wood Be Installed In?

Case in point installing hardwood on the second floor is much more difficult than installing hardwood in the basement. Anything above ground level is above grade, while anything below ground level is below grade, and hence you cannot install wood below grade as the moisture is bound to seep into it and destroy the wood.

The Subfloors

Most home owners are blissfully unaware about what type of material is there subfloor made off, and this can cause a huge problem when you are trying to install hardwood flooring. The three most common types of subfloors are Concrete, Plywood and Particleboard.

Installing a hardwood floor on a concrete slab can be an extremely tricky proposition, and usually you have to go along with engineered wood , or you have to glue down the hardwood to the concrete slabs below. Visit for more details.

In contrast Plywood is quite versatile and you can use natural or engineered wood to nail down the hardwood to the Plywood.

The last option is basically a cheaper version of Plywood and should only be used if you think that you don’t have a budget for plywood.

Living Habits

Are you someone who lives alone, or with a large family and has pets as well? Or are you just a young couple who are usually out and about on their jobs? If you spend a lot of time in your home chances are that your floors probably have to experience a high amount of traffic which means you must go with a harder variety of wood, and vice versa.

The Style Of Your House

If your home is modern and you go with a wood that resonates with a country style than this means that the wood that you are installing won’t go along with the rest of your houses interior. For most modern homes, Maple is one of the better choices as it looks extremely aesthetically pleasing and the bright colors go along with almost every modern home.


This is perhaps the most important factor, and on which the sanctity of your floor rests. Your budget will dictate the type of materials that you will use and the layout of your floor. When I was redoing my floor, I hired the guys from Sam’s Flooring Gallery and it cost me only a fraction of money that others were charging me.

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It’s important considering each and every factor before you go ahead and settle on a hardwood floor, take your time factor in everything and make the right decision.

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