How to Make Your Bedroom a Calming Oasis for Better Sleep

Last Updated on April 19, 2022 by Kravelv

Most everyone knows that when you get a good night’s sleep, you are more likely to have a good day. Moreover, over an extended period, consistently good sleep can have numerous health benefits. It can lead to better physical wellness as your body can repair itself more when you experience good sleep, and it can also reduce your chances of developing certain mental health conditions like anxiety or depression.

With so many benefits to be had, the first question that everyone should be asking is how to make good sleep more attainable. A great place to start on your road to better sleep is with the very room that you sleep in.

By transforming your bedroom into a calming oasis, you give your mind and body the sanctuary they need to unwind and relax in preparation for sleep. If you are looking to re-design your bedroom to promote better sleep, here are a few ideas to get you started.

The Bed

The most natural thing to begin with when redoing your bedroom to achieve better sleep at night is your bed. First and foremost, you should ask yourself when the last time you changed your mattress was. Even though this will most likely be the most significant investment you make with your re-design project, it is essential if you hope to obtain better sleep.

While there is nothing wrong with testing out a variety of mattresses at your local mattress store, you very well might just find the best mattress in a box. Not only does this option have the added convenience of being delivered right to your door, but you can easily compare reviews online for the particular mattress that you have your eye on.


When it comes to the actual design elements for your bedroom oasis, you should look to incorporate particular colors that have been scientifically proven to promote sleep. Certain shades of blue are incredibly popular for this purpose as they can contribute to more restful sleep by contributing to a calm and soothing environment. Orange, while a bit tougher to work with from a design standpoint, can encourage muscle relaxation.

Don’t only focus on the walls of your room when choosing your colors. The other design elements that you add in, like furniture and wall décor, should also work cohesively with the colors you select. If you decide to go with pieces that are bright and vibrant, it could very well counteract the calm that you were trying to achieve with blues or lavenders.

Keep It Clean

This point is less of a design tip and more of a lifestyle one. Nevertheless, it is an important one to bear in mind. An untidy room filled with clutter can contribute to poor sleep. Busy spaces tend to keep your mind busy as well, so if you hope to gain all the sleepy-time benefits of your new relaxing oasis, make sure you take the time to keep in clean.

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