Why Travertine and Marble Flooring Options Keep Gaining Ground

Last Updated on April 21, 2023 by Kravelv

Flooring, whether for your home or compound, is an indispensable part of your home finishing. Your choice flooring option has an influential contribution to your home’s general use and appeal.

As technology advances and new ideas come up, we’re treated to quite captivating options to choose from. There are flooring options for every place, be it your rooms, your swimming pool, the poolside, your compound, or whatever other places on which you’re considering installing a flooring option.

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Marble and Travertine options are some of the most widely used flooring variations.

Why Marble and Travertine are Popular

The popularity of marble can be traced back to Rome and Greece, where the stone was widely used in the building of structures. Over the years, and with technological improvements, they’ve become more widely used because of the finer results they give to homes. You will find that many homes use marble tiles in one place or another. If you’re keen on making a countertop, almost everyone you ask for an opinion will push you towards marble. That’s not the only place where marble is used, though. You’re likely to find it in fountains, fireplaces, and walls.

The Popularity of Marble

One quality of marble that’s making it so popular is its ability to withstand extreme temperatures. That’s the reason why it’d be used in fireplaces without fearing the risk of breakage. Moreover, wherever marble tiles are used, their requirement for maintenance is very low. They also give beautiful results when finishing is done right. These features, including its ability to blend very well with the other design elements of your room, make marble a popular choice for home interior and exterior design finishes.

The Popularity of Travertine

On the other hand, Travertine comes forth as a widely used alternative to marble and granite. Its popularity cannot be overlooked. One of the reasons why Travertine tiles Sydney have become so popular is that they’re availed in smooth and beautiful finishes, yet they’re not slippery. In fact, that’s why it’s widely used by the poolsides and bathrooms, where other flooring options used to cause serious accidents due to their slipperiness. Travertine isn’t just popular for flooring alone. It’s also used in several other places, including wall cladding.

You’d also use Travertine in quite a number of places where marble is an option. The fact that travertine is available in diverse colour blends also adds to its popularity. You can get it in mild and intense tones, expounded contrast, and modern looks.

Besides all these amazing characteristics, travertine is also durable.

Why Do People Confuse Marble and Travertine

The interesting thing about marble and travertine is that one is often sold as the other, despite the two being different. Travertine, marble, limestone, and granite are all-natural stones, which is understandable. The principal part of departure between travertine and the other available options is nothing more than how it’s formed, something that has, of course, influenced some of its characteristics.

What even adds to the confusion is that you’ll find some people referring to travertine as travertine marble. Whatever the case, just always ensure that when going for a marble flooring option, you don’t end up buying travertine tiles and vice versa.

Moreover, you must always be on the lookout for quality. At the end of the day, you want to have a finish that will last longer and give you the much-needed appeal and feel for your home.

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