Transforming Small Spaces into Functional Home Offices

small home office

Last Updated on July 4, 2024 by Kravelv

After the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are working from the comfort of our homes. Thus, it has become a major goal to make working from home more enjoyable and efficient with the help of comfortable and functional home offices. With the help of a professional Office interior designer in Bangalore, you can create a compact workstation for your home office in the corner of your living room, dining room, or bedroom. 

An office interior designer can transform your small space into a home office according to your preferences, using different furniture choices, wallpaper, plants, storage, design, layout, paint, lighting, rugs, and more. The main motive of the entire decoration and interiors is to make you feel focused and energized. 

How to Transform a Small Space into Functional Home Offices?

Some of the trending ideas to convert a small space into a completely functional home office include:

Identify a Dedicated Working Area

Many people have a misconception that you need an entire room to create a home office. You can transform an awkward nook, small corner, or even a closet into a functional home office. Rethink you’re your entire home design and recognize the unused areas or spaces that you can use differently. 

L-shaped Design

The narrow and long L-shaped design has become the top favorite of most Office interior designers to create plenty of room. It results in a casual and cozy daybed. You can also include built-in shelves for additional storage. Always keep the windows free to flood the area with more natural light. 

Landings Usage

Landings are the most neglected space in any household, but they can be an ideal spot for your home office. An Office interior designer in Bangalore can create shelves out of the banisters with matching materials and colors according to your home décor. Another advantage of converting your landings into your home office space is that you can look out over the entire house while working. 

Secretary Desk

You can opt for a secretary desk built inside the wall as customized cabinetry for your home. It will not be a problem if you are living in a studio apartment, as it can occupy an entire wall. You can also fold down the secretary’s desk whenever necessary and make it disappear when your office hours are over.

Disguised Storage

If you work in an open-plan area or in a living room, you might find it difficult to have enough space for what you need to do. It might be overwhelming if you do not have everything while working, keeping aside the non-working environment of the space. The best way to achieve this work-personal life balance is to hide your working essentials within plain view. 

Always select colors that will coordinate with the rest of your furniture for the perfect blend. After office hours, you can stash the non-paperwork and clutter items in a box and tuck them inside this storage. You can also decorate these storage areas with plenty of photos and magnets to keep the space funky. 

Concentrate on the Functionalities

Before focusing on anything else, chalk out how your function will work. This might seem easy, but most of the time, we get lost in picking up the colors and forget about it. There should be a nearby electrical outlet to plug in computers and accessories like backup devices or printers. You should also consider enough storage space to store office supplies. 

Paint a soothing Color

Always choose a soothing color for the office area. You can also select your favorite color unless it is dark. Palettes of pink, white, and yellow will give you boss vibes even when you are working from home.

Fully Use the Walls

Since space is the most crucial aspect in your home office, ensure to minimize the footprint of everything for a feeling of more available space. Most of the renowned Office interior designers in Bangalore use backdrop paint to convert a wall into a calendar or anything important written, like a to-do list. This might have taken additional space when you might have stuck them inside the wall or kept them on your desk.

Soften the Edges

It is necessary to make the home office cozy and make it a part of your overall home. You can include plants that work like magic for softening any workspace. 

Attractive Lighting

You can mix decorative and practical lighting elements into your working area to make it more inviting and functional. It is best to include a playful and transparent pendant light that can disappear whenever not in use. Since good lighting is the best key to making your small office room comfortable, you should choose them carefully. It will definitely change your working mood. 

Ladder Desks

If you have more vertical space compared to the floors, your Office interior designer will then use the vertical height the most to convert it into a small home office. Select a ladder desk or full-height shelving that will take up less horizontal space. Ladder desks and shelves are the best for occupying small footprints. 

Final Thoughts

The key to converting a small space for your home into a fully functional office is planning with smart strategies for boosting productivity. An expert Office interior designer in Bangalore can add a hint of style to make your boring working days a bit less painful. Thus, whether you are working in a small room, corner of your living room, or hallways, small home offices will assist you in making the best of the space you have.

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