Beneficial Reasons To Install A Wooden Floor

Last Updated on March 8, 2022 by Kravelv

One of the most important elements to any home is the type of flooring that will be installed, whether it be carpet, ceramic, tiles, or wood. There are many things that will need to be considered such as how much traffic it will need to endure, allergy concerns, weather conditions, mobility restrictions, and type of interior decor desired. Quite a few advantages are to be had by choosing to install a wooden floor.

Perhaps the most noticeable advantage is that wooden floor materials are able to blend in seamlessly with most any type of decor style. The versatility of these products allows them to still be stylish when the decorating trends change. This option is just as perfect for a traditional designer worthy space meant to be kept in pristine condition as it is for a home filled with kids and pets.

benefits of wooden floor

A wooden floor, when properly sealed, is will be more durable than many other products, and can be very forgiving when exposed to certain conditions that might destroy alternative options. They signs of wear and tear due to foot traffic are not noticeable, and they should not need to be resurfaced for at least eight years, unless something extremely sharp is dragged across them, creating a gouge. Should any damage occur, a good sanding, professional polish and quality sealing can make them look brand new again.

While most products grow dull or start to disintegrate over time, a wooden floor tends to take on even more character as it ages. Depending on the type of timber chosen, the color may deepen, or the boards may develop a gold or silver iridescent sheen for added appeal. A professional designer can suggest specific breeds that may most suitable for the look a homeowner hopes to achieve in the years to come.

Timber is not only gorgeous and durable; it is also a very practical choice for many homes. The versatility of it, and its ability to endure the years without losing its appeal, can add a lot of value to a structure. When properly tended, it can look fresh and classic for many decades without having to be replaced like other products would.

Many homeowners find that wood is beneficial for most any room of their house, including the kitchen and living spaces, because not only does it endure a lot of wear without requiring much maintenance, it makes a terrific insulator. Just a simple sweeping and occasional mopping can remove any dust or dander and renew the bright luster. It is a great option for people with asthma or allergies.

benefits of wooden floor1

Aside from its obvious aesthetic appeal, hypoallergenic qualities, low maintenance, versatility and durability, timber is largely a renewable resource. Most of these products are sourced from tree farms that are planted with fast growing varieties means specifically for this purpose. An added bonus is that boards previously used in one structure, can be re-purposed into another.

With four basic types from which to choose, there is a wooden floor option to fit most any budget. The multiple styles and timber varieties can fulfill most decor needs easily. Durability and beauty make a rare combination that is a benefit and asset to property value and appeal.

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